Mix Section 1 // Chasing the View off the Cliff // 1994

This is the first mix section from Chasing the View off the Cliff featuring riding from: Stuart King, Joe Rich, Jeremy Smith, Mike Griffen, Luc-E, Mike Forney, Taj Mihelich, Jeremy “Mad Rat” Verhulst, Mark Murphy, Jody Donnelly, John Peacy, and more!
You can read more about Tony Marion and Chasing the View off the Cliff by clicking here!

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Rooftops Pool Party Photo Gallery By Dean Dickinson

BMX Bikes at Rooftops Pool Party

Pool shredding might be the most disposable form of riding. Other than trails, I can’t think of any another aspect of BMX that is so short lived. It’s pretty nuts how much effort backyard pool riders put into something that is never guaranteed. I think that’s what makes it so beautiful. Pool riding is pure, raw, and real. With that being said, the lust for blue tiles will bring you to the wildest locations!

Last Summer I drove down to HB to hang with friends during the Van Doren Invitational. During my visit Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla asked me if I could help him with a pool party session. He didn’t give me much details and he was being super secretive about it all. The only words I really remembered him firing off during our conversation was PERMISSION POOL PARTY SESSION! I told Mike to sign me up and I’d see him first thing in the morning.


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At Home With Kurt Rasmusson // 2009

Dean Dickinson put together this edit of Kurt back in 2009 of him shredding around his house. Wish we could have seen more footage of Kurt but sometimes some of the best are in and out quick!

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In The Raw // 2-Hip Meet The Street // San Francisco // 2001

I originally tried filming this contest for Props when I first started working for them but unfortunately didn’t end up with enough clips for a full segment that would have been Props worthy at the time.

Fast forward over 15 years later I asked Chris Rye if he still had the tape I sent him, he said he would let me know. I was not expecting him to ever find it due to how many tapes he is probably sitting on. About 4 months later he says he has it and shot it over my way.

This video just screams midschool BMX from the bikes, the tricks, and the riders at the time.

This contest was so wild. I am pretty sure Ron just dropped the ramps of in the middle of SF and just went for it. Which is awesome! From Mike Lund’s massive alley-oop wall ride to the Solid crew & the SD crew almost turning the contest into a riot it was a very cold but very fun day!

Featured riders:
Adam Strieby, Bruce Crisman, Jimmy Levan, Ty Hathaway, Mike Krnaich, Troy McMurray, Gary Young, Mike Griffin,James Hitchcox, Ryan Armstrong, Curtis Elwell, Mike Heinz, Ben Boyko, Andre Murillo, Samar Corilo, David Camacho, Tim “Fuzzy” Bosstock, Mike Lund, Cameron Birdwell, Chester Blacksmith, Andrew Ryser, & Rich Hirsch.

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Chasing the View off the Cliff // John “Luc-E” Englebert // 1994

From Tony Marion:  “I have one more story I forgot to tell you. . . It’s totally indicative of 90s BMX. – Jeremy and I and some other people were headed home from a BS Comp (I can’t remember which one). I was driving but Jer was awake, and we had totally blown our gasoline estimate.  It looked like we could run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.  As we were talking about it, Jim Dellavale’s van passes us, so I said to Jer “I’ll catch up and tail Jim, if it looks like we’re not going to make it to a gas station, I’ll flash the lights and he’ll know we’re in trouble.” We were almost tapped out when we saw an exit with a gas station, and to our surprise, Jim’ s van pulled off too. We both pulled up to gas pumps, and Luc-E and I bail out of  our respective vehicles to pump gas. Luc-E looks at me and says, “As soon as I saw you guys I slowed down because we were almost  out of gas, and I was going to flash you if we ran out so that you guys could help us.” That would have been amazing – the Lancaster and Allentown-Bethlehem crews, basically the entirety of the eastern Pennsylvania BMX contingent for that comp, both run out of gas in the middle of nowhere because none of us had any concept of planning ahead.  Too bad there wasn’t social media then!”
You can read more about Tony and Chasing the View off the Cliff by clicking here!

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Les Coulisses // Mega Free 2 // 1989

Came across this awesome video on the Oldschool BMX France website. This is definitely a good watch with riding from Dave Voelker, Chris Potts, Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther, Joe Johnson, Dennis Langlais, & French legend Philippe Perrreira.

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On Deck At Five Dock

Dan Foley just posted up 9 minutes and 30 second of Larry Edgar, Ryan Nyquist, Dylan Lewis, Kris Fox, Jason Watts, Cody Pollard, Chris James, and Corey Walsh absolutely destroying the bowl at Five Dock following practice at the Vans BMX Cup in Australia.

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Chasing the View off the Cliff // Jay Miron // 1994

We are super-stoked to be able to put the Jay Miron section from CTVOTC online.  I always loved the use of the Tragically Hip song, and how Miron does a tail-tap to decade just as singer Gord Downie says “decade” in the lyrics. In 1993, when this footage was filmed, Jay had just left GT to ride for Hoffman Bikes and was rapidly becoming one of the most progressive riders that BMX has ever seen.  To quote James Shepherd, “Jay can do everything, he can do it fast, and he can do it all in both directions.”

You can read more about Chasing the View off the Cliff by clicking HERE to scope our story about Tony Marion.

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Julian Molina // Red Bull

I was lucky enough last summer to actually spend some time with Julian and his sister while he spent some time in Portland getting fitted for his first prosthetic leg. I loaned him one of my old bikes and was seriously amazed at the talent and skill he has. Keep an eye out for him because im sure he will be making it back to the states someday!

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Chasing the View off the Cliff // The Lost VHS Tape

// Article by Paul Covey //

In the early 90s I became privy to two relatively unknown – but nonetheless classic – bike videos that featured heaps of phenomenal riding at Bicycle Stunt Contests, trails, and skate parks on the East Coast.  The first one was called Neat-O Stuff, and some friends and I got to watch it with Mat Hoffman in his living room.  The second one showed up a year later at the offices of HB, and it was called Chasing the View off the Cliff.  Both videos were filmed and edited by a rider named Tony Marion from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Lancaster is about 40 miles from York, home-base of the legendary Plywood Hoods and the setting for Mark Eaton’s Dorkin’ video series. However, Tony and his friends managed to capture their own distinct local riding scene.

I’ve often wondered about these two videos.  They stood out for the time and had super-rad footage from the top riders of that era.  But for some reason they weren’t very popular. Most riders I’ve spoken to, including Shad, hadn’t heard of either video.  On a whim I asked Joe Rich, who also grew up in PA, if he had any memory of them.  Of course, Joe remembered Tony and Chasing the View off the Cliff, but hadn’t seen it for years either.  He gave me the extra push I needed to continue with the search in order to bring some light to this lost treasure.

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