Bruce Crisman // Podcast

Bruce Crisman // Snakebite Dig BMX // Podcast

I sat down at home in Portland with Bruce Crisman, a genuine street pioneer who not only heavily pushed the progression of freecoaster riding, but was also an XGames champion. Bruce and I have been close friends for over 20 years so I was more than excited for us to have this conversation and help share his story with you.

-Shad Johnson
Produced in collaboration with: Dig BMX

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Hobie Doan // Welcome to Primo

Wow! What is this like the 4th heavy project from Hobie in the last few months! This welcome to Primo part has that late 90’s feel and the wild moves that you see Hobie rip through on the daily.

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Lotek Ads From 2008 // Eddie Cleveland & Kurtis Elwell

These ad’s were at the end of the Goods S.O.S. video and i didn’t see them online so i wanted to get em up! Eddie & Kurtis both have timeless style’s and these ad’s look so damn nice so enjoy!

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Andy Merrall // Collection Edit

Andy Merrall put together this part that is a good mix of self filmed lines of him at Burnside and FDR. THere is also a good amount of of the NW homies and a few Brian Foster clips mixed in!
Keep killing it Andy!

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Pick It Apart // What School Are You? A Conversation On The Era’s Of BMX.

Mat Hoffman

So I wanted to open a conversation about the titles we give each generation of BMX. I know it really doesn’t matter in the long run but I am a BMX nerd and I like to go over and analyze everything.

This is how I break down each generation and the reasoning behind it. I’m not going to crazy on my descriptions because I’m hoping to get some good dialogue in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and if you agree or disagree.


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Dean Dickinson // Vans BMX Pro Cup // Huntington Beach

Larry Edgar

While on summer vacation Dean Dickson took a trip down to California to ride pools and check out the Vans BMX Pro Cup. Dean sent us over some photos from the events for you to enjoy.


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In The Raw // 2-Hip Thrasherland K.O.V. // 1991

If this contest doesn’t get you pumped on vert riding i don’t know what will. There is vert royalty in this mixed in with some awesome underground hero’s you don’t get to see much like Gary Laurent ruling this ramp on his Free Agent & the elusive Greg Guillotte killing it like he only can throwing down wild variations and nothing airs like they were nothing!

So many awesome riders in this video! Greg Guillotte, Mat Hoffman, Dino Deluca, Chris Potts, Ron Wilkerson, Bob Kohl, Leigh Ramsdell, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Eben Krakau, Dennis Mccoy, Rick Thorne, Gary Laurent, even more more pro’s and a handful of Am’s.

*Some one emailed me this footage months ago and it took forever to get it to work. The file was corrupt so at some point the audio gets looped but does not effect the footage. You just may here the same announcing twice.
Also if you are the one who emailed me this footage you did not send a name so i could credit you. Thank you again for the awesome footage!*

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Caleb Ruecker & Sean ‘Fish’ Hoskins // Goods BMX // S.O.S. // 2008

Since Youtube decided to take down one of the my early GoodBMX video’s i decided to post up a few dope parts that the songs were not flagged. Caleb & Fish were on a tear in the early 2000’s and i was stoked to be able to get clips of them in the S.O.S. video.

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Chester Blacksmith // Goods BMX // S.O.S. // 2008

I recently realized that the Goods BMX video S.O.S. had been taken down on youtube due to a song in it. This Chester part is far to awesome to not be available for people to see so enjoy Chet in what i think was his only full part he put out while riding for Solid Bikes.

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Chasing the View off the Cliff // Dan Pyfer, Bonus, & Credits // 1994

Dan Pyfer holds down the last section in CTVOTC with some cool bank tricks, limbless jumps, pedal spins, and early back peg-grind variations.  Also, check out the bonus clips from Mirra, Gouin, Miron, John Parker, Jeff Crawn, Rick Thorne, DMC, and Luc-E.

We’ve already posted sections from: Mat Hoffman, Dennis McCoy, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Luc-E, Chase Gouin, and the 1st and 2nd mix section.  And if you haven’t read about Tony Marion and this classic lost video, you can check out the article here.

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