In The Raw // The First San Jose Ramp Club Contest // 1995

Raw footage of the first ever San Jose Ramp Club (SJRC) contest in 1995. See the early days of many of NorCals finest including pre-Haro Ryan Nyquist, Chad Kagy, Cameron Birdwell, Matt Mardesich, Craig Hoffman, Jeremy Bettendorf, Damien “Squirrel” Schinilla, Chris “Butthead” Bryant, Jimmy Garcia, Kurt “Crobar” Yeager, Oscar Gonzales, and others. Glad to see this footage come to light. This park birthed some legends in the BMX world.

Box: Cameron Birdwell (orange shirt white full face), Kurt Yaeger (white shirt, white hat, 2 legs), Damein “Squirrel” Skinella (White shirt, blue open full face), Ryan Nyquist (blue shirt, black protec), Chad Kagy (red shirt, white protec), Craig Hoffman (white full face and super long hair), Jeremy Bettendorf (yellow bike), Matt Mardesich (yellow protec), Chris “Butthead” Bryant (blue shirt, white full face), Jimmy Garcia (white shirt, white open face)

Vert: Ron Wilkerson, Mike Krnaich, Oscar Gonzales

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Schwinn American Muscle // Behind The Scenes Footage // 1996 // Dave Osato, Jay Miron, Jason Enns.

While filming for the infamous Schwinn video Dave Osato & Jay Miron decided to drive south of the border and ride Andrew Ryer’s ramps. Andrew had his camera that day and filmed the session.

Featuring Dave Osato, Jay Miron, Andrew Ryser, Ben Marin, Rich Hirsch, Jason Enns, & Nathan Penonzek.

At the end there are a few clips at Jarek’s ramps which were in the same town.

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Jay Miron // The Next Chapter

Stew Johnson put together this awesome video on Jay Miron. Jay talks about his time in BMX and his next chapter in life post BMX.

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Jason Enns Podcast

Jason Enns // Podcast Jason Enns // Podcast

“After a few good Slams on Jason’s mini-ramp, we headed inside and talked growing up in one of the coldest places I have seen produce rad riders, early 90’s Canadian scene, and lots, lots more…”

Produced in collaboration with: Dig BMX

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John Bristol // Lost Tape // 2001

Big thanks to John Lee for finding this tape and sending it back to me! John Bristol riding some normal spots we would ride in the early 00’s. The slam at the end left John with a severely bruised pelvis and trouble walking for a few weeks!

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2-Hip Bikes NW Tour // 1995 // Leigh Ramsdell, Rob Sigaty, Sean Peters & More!,

The first of many tapes that Cameron Birdwell & I pulled out of 2-hip headquarters. Follow the team as they travel from Canada south. Riding skateparks, street, Burnside skatepark, the 30 trails, backyard ramps and more! Other riders you may spot are Cameron Birdwell, Dave Thom, Shad Johnson, Curtis Easterbrook, DaveOsato, Eric Walter, & lots more!

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MavroCam YouTube

Dave Mavro has been uploading a lot of fun raw footage from contest and sessions from 90’s and 00’s lately.

Head over to Dave’s YouTube check out more

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Roll The Dice // Chase Lightner // Vancouver, WA

Chase Lightner // Pacific Park Skatepark // Vancouver, WA // Photo: Dean Dickinson

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Haro BMX History // The First Generation of Freestyle

1984 became a pivotal year of evolution for the emerging BMX Freestyle scene as a series of factors combined to energize its phenomenal growth. On the leading edge of the new movement, a committed young entrepreneur and Freestyle pioneer named Bob Haro was already out-of-the-gate, having founded the first rider-owned Freestyle brand, Haro Designs, four years earlier. Bob Haro’s vision for BMX Freestyle became the catalyst for the introduction of a series of innovative Haro products and accessories that essentially created the market for dedicated Freestyle products.

Without question, the catalyst for the rise in Freestyle participation in the early 1980s was the launch of the first dedicated frame and fork combination, the Haro Freestyler. Designed by Bob with several intelligent features, and manufactured by Torker BMX in Fullerton, California, the concept quickly legitimized Freestyle and alerted the established BMX racing industry to the new opportunity. Despite the arrival of competitive brands including GT, Hutch, and Redline, Haro Designs maintained a market-leading position throughout the 1980s, delivering some of the most stylish and innovative products in the 40-year history of the sport.

Haro – First Generation

Through new interviews, archive imagery, and era-footage, “Haro-First Generation” takes a deeper dive into the rise of BMX Freestyle during the early 1980s. Bob Haro and Mike Dominguez recall the legendary King of the Skate Parks contest series, and the transition from trick shows, and bike shop demo’s, to the spectacular, “Big Air” skate park era.

At the center of the story, we celebrate a prolific era of product development at Haro Designs. In the Spring of 1984, the company launched two game-changing, Freestyle models – the first dedicated vert bike and Freestyle signature model – the Mike Dominguez Haro Sport, and the Haro Master – the next generation Freestyle bike that set standards for all to follow.

In celebration of this pivotal moment, we produce 300, limited edition, replica frame, and fork packages in Santa Ana, California. Using locally sourced raw materials and era-correct manufacturing techniques, the First Generation “Bob Haro” Master, and Prototype, single-top-tube “Mike Dominguez” signature Haro Sport, are packaged with replica jerseys, custom pad sets, and presented in custom, foam-lined display boxes. Each package is sequentially numbered and signed by Mike (Sport) and Bob (Master)

Don’t miss out on owning one of these legendary era-authentic reissues from the first brand in Freestyle; Haro Designs.

Reserve your piece of BMX history here:

MORE INFO: Worldwide UK | Australia

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Jason Enns // Grasso Vibes Bike Check

Jason Enns // Colony Oz One

Ok so what inspired you with this build?

Grasso was always an all time fav. Actually everything Ozone did always looked awesome to me as a kid, always dreamt of having one of these bikes and realized this was as close as I’d ever get.


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