2-Hip KOD // Mission Trails // Clowns Full Of Hate // 1991

Ron Wilkerson and crew barged the Mission Trails in San Diego to hold one of the wildest dirt jumping contests ever!

Features Bill Nitchke, Mat Hoffman, Vic Murphy, Chris Moeller, The Gonz, Crazy Red, Pete Augustin, Tim ‘Fuzzy’ Hall, & lots more!

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Mat Hoffman // Clowns Full of Hate // 1991

Mat Hoffman gets a quick session in at Jeff Harris’ warehouse in Austin, TX from the Stray Bikes 1991 video Clowns Full of Hate.

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Dave Voelker // Clowns Full Of Hate // 1991

Dave Voelker’s quick part in Stray Bikes 1991 video, ‘Clowns Full Of Hate’.

All hail The Lord!!!

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Ricky Moseley // Profile Racing // The Forgotten Part

Ricky Moseley and John Andrus have been working on this section for Profile Racing for a while despite Ricky fighting a knee injury that spans back over a year.  In the interim of his knee getting handled, enjoy the fruits of their labor and check out some of Ricky’s killer wave photography over at rickyshoots.com!

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Freestyle Biking // 1987 // Dino Deluca, Fred Blood, Chris Day & More!

*The video is a bit rough up till the 2 minute mark*

Your typical movie rental place bmx video that was put out by who knows who in the mid 80’s.
Still there is some solid flatland riding from Chris Day, Fred Blood, Dino Deluca, Doug Randazzo & more!

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Seamus Mckeon // Goat Pen DIY Skatepark

Recently I was cruising through my instagram feed and saw that Seamus had broken ground on a DIY park.

Being someone who loves riding concrete I wanted to talk to him about his project and whats it going to take to get it going, the path that has taken him to this project, and what he likes in a park.


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Well this was awesome to see pop up online earlier today! Manmade is back with this new video featuring a bunch of Long Island trail riding from this past fall.

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Empire BMX // Big Rob and Santana

Empire just uploaded this fun video of Austin OG’s Big Rob and Santana enjoying a day of riding around ATX.

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Mat Hoffman & OKC BS Mix // Chasing the View off the Cliff // 1994

This footage was captured in 1993 during the late spring at Shimerville, PA, and also the early fall in Oklahoma City, OK.  Hoffman was supposed to be taking it easy, nursing an injured shoulder and awaiting surgery to repair the damage.  I guess Mat’s idea of taking it easy is busting bar-hop airs, nailing a double tail-whip to the pedals, and getting towed by a motorcycle driven by Steve Swope straight at a 21 ft quarter pipe.  Happy 46th Birthday, Condor!

. . and speaking of Steve Swope, he has a a super-rad vert run in this section.  Other riders include Jon Peacy, Taj Mihelich, Dave Friemuth, Leigh Ramsdell, John Parker, Joe Rich, and Dave Clymer.

We’ve already posted sections from: Dennis McCoy, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Luc-E, Chase Gouin, and the 1st and 2nd mix section.  And if you haven’t read about Tony Marion and this classic lost video, you can check out the article here.

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Eben Krackau // Podcast

Eben Krackau // Dig BMX Podcast

I was really excited to sit down with the legendary Eben Krackau after us going back and forth on social media and being complete nerds about bashguard bikes, old videos and endless random BMX trivia. Eben has gone from being a young 80’s prodigy on Haro to being on one of the most core companies of the early 90’s with Homeless. Despite a very early setback, Eben always had the knack and the skill to ride everything, and always put his own twist on it.

Produced in collaboration with: www.digbmx.com

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