Jeremy Davis // Blueprint // 2001

This part right here built Jeremy a mythic status that is still talked about to this day. Filmed from 97′ to 2000 Jeremy at the time seriously tried everything he saw and most of the time there would be no run ups.
Some fun facts about this part.
Jeremy rode 3 frames during the filming. A Menstrual Cycle, Volume Hellion and then he ended up riding for Metal Bikes by the time we were done filming.
These were the fist 2 backflips he had ever tried.
The rail he does that is on the backside of the B3 contest was just duct taped on.
Last but not least the big gap he tries towards the of his part he did on a lunch break from work.
Thank you Jeremy for going for it there for a few years!

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George Dossantos // FBM // All Time Low

FBM is trying to help you get stoked for the weekend! If your a midschool guy they just went and uploaded all the parts from “All Time Low”! I post one of my favorites from that video up above but you should hit up there youtube page and watch the rest and subscribe!

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T.GIF // Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis Roof Ninja Drop from ./Blueprint

We’ve posted this in the past but I figured since we just uploaded Jeremy’s section from ./Blueprint that we might as well repost this sequence of one of the most infamous clips from the video.

Photo: Shad Johnson

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Diggy & Jasper Jones // Split Edit

DFG put together a split edit with some of the homies. Pretty stoked to see these two ride some Blueprint are spots. New riders on old spots is always good!

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Friends Section // Blueprint // 2001

The friends part from Blueprint covers wide array of terrain there is to ride in the NW.
Featuring Chris Styler, Kenny Ragget, Mitch Hemmer, Justin Ferry, Mark ‘Toast’ Johnson, Voot, Jaryn Lute, Ben King, Bob Malloy, Dante Ruiz, Dave Thom, Chris Eimen, Chris Keller, Eric Sutich, Jason Stonehouse, Ben Ward, Frank Walter, James Cox, Eric ‘ODB’ Jensen, Tommy Graven, Shane Youngren, Lee Rajsich, Aaron Porter, Cameron Birdwell, Aaron Huff, Jamie McParland, Jason Thom, Riley Peetz, Matt Puorro, Paul Kitner, Adam Acosta, Mat Sager, Marty McFarland, Kyle Vickery, Bob Scerbo, Shaw Leonard, & Darin Read.

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Baco Jam // 2016

The boys over at BMX Union put together a vid of all the madness that went down last weekend at Baco!The miniramp madness starts at 2:47.

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Chester Blacksmith & Ryan Evans // Blueprint // 2001

Chester and Ryan were both ready to destroy every rail they came across at this time! Chester is riding a brakeless Schwinn Blue Falcon race bike and Ryan is riding the beast of a Kink Revision B.
I do remember Ryan cleaning that last rail while Ashland High was taking a lunch break so he had a good sized audience to add some pressure to an already dead man set up.

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Rooftop’s // United Bikes // Caveman // Bash Guard Frame

United Bikes // Caveman Frame // Mike Escamilla Frame

United Bikes // Caveman Frame // Mike Escamilla Frame

Yes!!! Rooftop’s new Caveman bash guard frame from United will be available end of October.

You can pre-order your’s now from Goods BMX here.

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Vic Ayala // FBM Bikes // All Time Low

Psyched that FBM posted up Vic Ayala’s part from All Time Low. Such an iconic part.

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1987 GT Performer

1987 // GT Performer // BMX Museum

The bike you either had or wished you had.

Check out more photos of this bike over at BMX Museum.

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