Canadian Cancer Dust // There’s Still Something Sticking In My Eye

Corey Walsh

I haven’t thought about the 90’s pop punk band NOFX in years but after getting a buttload of Canadian Cancer Dust lodged in my eyes all the familiar tracks started to come back…

The White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean album was my street riding anthem. Growing up in The Couve (Vancouver, WA) with my Moron Bros Spencer and Austin McCabe we’d listen to the album and ride street. Those were some of the best years of my life. Jammin’ out to NOFX, drinking Jones Soda, going to shows, and riding street. “I’ve Got The Straight Edge” was our PMA.

Recently, I made my way to Canada to shred some pools with the Vancouver locals. During my stay I hooked up with Corey Walsh, Josh Zylstra, and Santi Martinez. Josh and Corey have been holding down the Canadian Pool Service for a couple years now in North Van and I’m really hyped on the scene that their building. Santi is from Switzerland and he’s currently traveling thru North American shredding any concrete structure that comes his way.


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16 Min. @ 16mm. // Dave Mirra & Ryan Nyquist // 2000

I have been sitting on this video for a little and I’m pretty sure most people have not seen it since I think it was made as a promotional item for Adidas when they had a BMX team in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. There is some awesome riding from a very young Nyquist and Mirra in his absolute prime!

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S&M Bikes 30th Anniversary Party // Photo Gallery

S&M Bikes 30th Anniversary Party

June 10th & 11th marked the party for the S&M 30th anniversary party. I drove down in hopes of making a fun video for the site but once I got to the venue I realized that was not happening. Sue to the fact that it was being held at a motocross track and it was so damn loud anything I wanted to ask someone would have been drowned out.

Here are some pics I snapped. I think the highlight of my weekend was meeting Dave Clymer. My inner 17 year old came out and I was super scared to say hi to the guy. Thats a good feeling when you have been around BMX as much as I have.

Take a peek at the gallery and maybe on the 40th anniversary i can get that video together!


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Tricked Out Tuesday // 2002 Terrible One Barcode Titanium

Taj Mihelick // Terrible One // Barcode // Titanium-BMX-Museum

This weeks Tricked Out Ti’s-day is the infamous Terrible One Titanium Barcode that Taj Mihelich tested out back in 2002.

Read more about the bike and check out more photos over at BMX Museum.

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Road To X-Games // Boise, ID // Photo Gallery

The Road To X Games Boise, ID Park Qualifier was a hit! Heavy hitting park shredders from around the world battled it out for six open slots for X Games Minneapolis. The riding was top notch and the new Boise park was a perfect fit for all the festivities.

I made the trek from Portland to Boise Friday night. Thanks to Francis Delapena for putting me up and showing me around town. On Saturday morning I shot practice followed by park finals. The contest was hosted in the flow bowl. I was a little bummed to see the vert section closed off but logistically I totally understand the cities standpoint to closed down a 14ft bowl. Obviously the riding was insane but the overall vibe between the riders, judges, production crew, and spectators was AWESOME!

The icing on the cake for me was getting exclusive access to ride the closed down vert bowl thanks to the local police department. Shortly after hoping the fence with a solo green light to shred, I called over Mat Hoffman, Corey Walsh, and Drew Bezanson to join in. We all had a blast and the Boise Police Department cheered us on, STOKED! Looking forward to visiting the park again soon. Special thanks to Brian Tunney, Sharon Bauer, Ms. Grace Coryell, April Mays, and Mat Hoffman for having me out. Hope you enjoy the photos…

Words and Photos by Dean Dickinson


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Re Up // The Ron Wilkerson Podcast


From the minute I found out how bad it is transcribing an interview I knew I wanted to do a podcast instead. Last Thursday Bruce Crisman called me and said Ron Wilkerson was in town and I should come over and do a podcast. That was enough for me! I cruised over and we crammed into a room and just talked. Bruce and I talked to Ron about a bunch of things. Hot topics were why he changed the name Wilkerson Airlines to 2-Hip, how the 2-Hip team got kicked off of the Warped tour, the real origin of the Abubaca and numerous stories about the 2-Hip van and Kevin Martin blowing up engines!

This was our first podcast and I really had no time to prepare for this. I think it went over pretty well and I’m excited to do more in the future! If you guy’s here a few breaks in the interview it was just the few times we had to stop the tape due to Ron’s son Xander wanting to come in the room and hang with his dad for a bit and eat chips and salsa with us!

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Troy McMurray // Velvet Taxi Remix // 1995

I love this early Troy footage all pre S&M bikes from Jinx clothing’s video ‘Velvet Taxi’ so i decided to make a lil’ remix to make it easier to watch since its just sprinkled through the video. Troy handles every terrain but damn that truck to fakie on the mini ramp was so ahead of its time!

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Tricked Out Tuesday // S&M Bikes

With the S&M 30 Year Party happening this weekend we decided to lookback on some of our favorite S&M Builds.

Let us know what your favorite S&M was/is?

S&M K9 D-Zine by papalone13 on BMX Museum
1987 // S&M Bikes // K9 D-Zine

1995 // S&M BMX // Menstrual Cycle
1995 // S&M Bikes // Menstrual Cycle

1996 Sa&M Challenger from BMX Museum
1996 // S&M Bikes // Challenger

1998 // S&M Bikes // Sabbath-bmx-museum
1998 // S&M Bikes // Sabbath

Also if you haven’t make sure to check out the Gettin’ Loose With Lee Interview with Chris Moeller here.

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Brian Blyther // T.GIF

Brian Blyther // Pipeline Skatepark // Photo: Spike Jonze
Brian Blyther // Pipeline Skatepark // Photo: Spike Jonze

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Dennis McCoy // Chasing the View Off the Cliff // 1994

Up today: Dennis McCoy’s section from the Tony Marion video, Chasing the View off the Cliff.  Pushing the boundaries of tech ramp riding at the time, big vert moves, a neil armstrong 360, some killer flatland, and Fugazi  –  the only thing missing from this 1994 DMC section in order to have 100% period accuracy is him flying off the side of a ramp into an unwitting spectator.

We’ve already posted sections from: Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Luc-E, and the first mix section.  And if you haven’t read about Tony and this classic lost video, you can check out the article here, where Tony also shares a little about collaborating with McCoy on a bio video that was never meant to be.


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