Goods BMX // Tigard Jam

Today Goods BMX put on a jam at the skatepark in Tigard, OR. It was a rad day with a lot of dudes from all over the Northwest showing up to shred and hangout. Andy Merrall threw together this little video from the session, so sit back and enjoy.

Thanks to Primo, Stranger, Kink BMX, S&M, Fit and BMX Museum for throwing down the prizes.

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Chasing the View off the Cliff // Intro // 1994

After a little lag, today we are posting the intro to 1994’s Chasing the View off the Cliff – featuring a ton of great riding from the top pros of the day and local shredding from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania BMX scene. Check it out!

We’ve already posted sections from: Mat Hoffman, Dennis McCoy, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Luc-E, Chase Gouin, and the 1st and 2nd mix section.  And if you haven’t read about Tony Marion and this classic lost video, you can check out the article here.

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Future Thoughts // American Freestyler, August 1988 // Part 2

30 years goes by fast! I thought it might be interesting to share the full text from this article titled Freestyle:  How Much Radder Can it Get? –  to review what the authorities of the late 80s thought the future might hold for freestyle. (Keep in mind, this was originally written for an audience of 13 year olds!)  If you read this, or part 1 here, I’d really love to hear your feedback below in the comments or on our social media for this topic. CHECK OUT MORE »

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101 Freestyle Tricks Part 2 // Psycho Version // 1988

101 freestyle tricks part 2 is a staple of any 80’s bmx viewing!
With great riding from so many Pro’s and Am’s at the time and the AFA Velodrome footage of Mike Dominguez coming so very close to the first 900′ this is a must watch!

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A Look Back // American Freestyler, August 1988 // Part 1

Thirty years ago this month . . . American Freestyler (formerly Freestyle Spectacular) was a short-lived Daisy/Hi-Torque Publication.  This was the same publishing company owned by Roland Hinz – who also published BMX Plus! (along with other magazines with titles like:  RC Car RacingATV Action!, and Dirt Wheels).  It’s assumed that Daisy/Hi-Torque printed American Freestyler in 1987 as an attempt to capitalize on the freestyle boom of the late 80s.  Since they were already covering similar content in BMX Plus!, American Freestyler simply removed the racing– likely a way of marketing twice as many advertisements to already over-extended BMX brands, as well as selling a few more magazines to hardcore freestylers.  CHECK OUT MORE »

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Dom Phipps // Wall 2 Wall Freestyle 2nd Edition

Dom Phipps // Wall 2 Wall // Snakebite Podcast-2

Our first interview with this guy just over a year ago was an education, to say the least, so for the latest episode of our DIG x Snakebite podcast series Shad Johnson sat back down with Dom Phipps to talk with him about the planned 2nd edition of his successful ‘Wall To Wall Freestyle’ book project.

This is shaping up to be another comprehensive project about the history of our much loved ‘sport’ and includes new content on the Dirt Bros, The Curb Dogs, a King of Dirt history, the Odyssey, Haro, Vision Street Wear, and Airwalk stories, origins of street riding and much much more.

Produced in collaboration with: Dig BMX

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Find out more about the release and how you can secure your copy of the book by following the links below.

For more info: For regular updates:

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Hobie Doan // No Spots // 2018

Hobies Doan just threw his new edit up on our YouTube and it’s seriously nuts.

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PDXBMX-Files // #1 // 2003

So I have hundreds of tapes and in those tapes I have a lot of footage that hasn’t been seen so occasionally I’m going to go through a tape and just post up the riding, B roll, and anything else that might seem interesting. I’m basically doing this for me so I have stuff to look back on but its always fun to share footage.

The first clips in this are of myself, Walter Pieringer, and his old roomate Mike riding Baldy fullpipe.

Next up are some Ryan Mills clips that I know I didn’t film but are on this tape so enjoy.

Nick Kirkland throws down a wild Fufanu at the Hood River bowl! This is still crazy.

Rich Hirsch was riding for Mosh at the time and had just started Lotek. If you look at him and I we both are wearing some of the first sample Loteks. He was shooting a interview for Ride UK at the time and beat the shit out of himself trying that overtooth in the old Portland metal full pipes!

Some quick clips of Forrest Berkey & I riding Churchill skatepark. Then that turns into me getting frustrated riding street.

Eddie Cleveland has a few clips in there from when he first started coming to Portland to ride with all of us.

Chester Blacksmith has some clips ripping a pool and that goes straight into us getting busy in the streets with a few clips from Ryan Worcester.

Bruce Crisman ends it with a gap to rail before his no pegs, Freecoaster days!

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Paul Buchanan Photo Pack // Dig BMX

`Paul Buchanan // Dig BMX // Photo Pack

Head over to Dig BMX to purchase a Paul Buchanan photo pack with 100% of the sale price will be donated to the Scottish Association for Mental Health (

“In memory of our friend and uniquely influential rider Paul Buchanan, we have a limited number of these exclusive ‘Paul Buchanan Photo Packs’ for sale, with all proceeds going to charity. Original artwork is by Paul himself, and all photography is by Ed Docherty, featuring some of Ed’s favourite images shot for DIG over the years, and more…”


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Monsters Of Suburban Highlife // Rampage Skatepark Contest // 1990

Rampage seemed like a skatepark ahead of its time for 1990! Lots of mini ramp and flatland in this one!

Perry Mervar, Bob Kohl, Jay Miron, & James Shepherd hold it down plus a ton of riders that I cant recognize. If you know who someone is please leave the name in the comments!!!

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