Take It or Leave It // 2007

While attending film school at Orange Coast College my final project was to produce a documentary. At the time I was living with Kurt Rasmusson and riding a TON of pools. I pitched the idea to my professor to create a pool riding documentary and he gave me the green-light. The rest is history. Special thanks to all the riders, TEAM SHRALP, Shad Johnson, Rich Hirsch, and Lotek for helping get the movie made. – Dean Dickinson Take It Or Leave It is a BMX shralpumentary that leaps into the mind of a true pool rider. Fed up and pissed off with the current state of Southern California skatepark politics, these riders find an alternative terrain in the backyards of abandon wastelands. From seeking out crack infested neighborhoods to pumping out thousands of gallons of diseased water with pool pumps.

Take It Or Leave It is a dive into a BMX lifestyle that you’ve never seen before. Featuring: Kurt Rasmusson, Dakota Roche, Sean “Fish” Hoskins, Brian Martyn, Mike Tokumoto, Chester Blacksmith, Austin McCabe, Dean Dickinson, and more! Shot on Mini DV, 16mm, and Super 8mm Film. Approx 32 mins 2007

Dedicated to Zane Levitt R.I.P.

-Dean Dickinson

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1992 // Daytona Stone Edge // Hoffman BS Finals

Dave Mavro just posted up this contest on his youtube page and it was nice to see a lot more of this contest. The Condor, Mirra, Rob Nolli, Jim Burgess, Dave Brumlow, Mark Murphy, Chad Degroot and just a a ton of legends kill it!

Hit up Dave’s Youtube channel for more awesome stuff like this and subscribe to it!

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Kurt “Krt” Schmidt // Rodgers Garage

Kurt Schmidt just uploaded his part from Rogers Garage.

If you haven’t already make sure to check out Kurt’s youtube page for more rad videos.

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Brian Hunt // The Good Things // Dig BMX

Start your new year off right by watching Brian Hunt’s new edit that Stew Johnson put together for Dig.

This whole video is rad, but if you’ve ever ridden the St. John park here in Portland you’ll understand just how crazy the last clip is.

Also you can read our Portland VS Austin article we did with Brian from a few years back.

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Jason Enns // The Edge Skatepark // Winnipeg Manitoba // 1997

Jason hit me up recently and told me that he had found some footage of him riding his old local park in Winnipeg! I obviously was stoked to get this up here! You may remember this park from old Poor Boy & Allied videos the featured Jason, Dave Osato, & Steve Roy riding there!

Jason was still riding for Basic at this time and I think made the move to Kink shortly after!

Anyone else out there get to ride this place? It looked pretty fun!

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Scott Hagnas // Now:Then // 2018

“Flatland progression at 52 years old – new 2018 trick ideas, including some of my Master of Creativity entries and extras. Mixed this year with some trips back into the archives for some of my riding from 1984 to 2005.” – Scott Hagnas

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Brian Foster // Live The Dream

What a treat to come and find some fresh BF footage! Loving the FDR clips and that body jar/tailtap in that monster bowl is amazing! A must watch of one of the best to ever do it!
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Eddie Fiola // Last Runs At Pipeline Skatepark // Upland Ca. // 1989

While going through some contest footage I ran across this footage of Eddie at Pipeline. This looks like it was days before the park was destroyed. No fences, no heavy session, just nothing. It’s kind of eerie. I was really hoping there was going to be more on the tape I found but there wasn’t. Eddie definitely was one of the rulers there and I would be so curious to see how BMX evolved if Pipeline could have made it through the early 90’s!

How do you think BMX would be different if it stayed?

Click the link after the jump to see some unseen pics of Eddie.

Thank you to Wall2Wall Freestyle for the pics! Please click this link and check out the book that is being put together full of some of the best stories and pictures from Freestyle’s Golden years!

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PDXBMX – Files // #3 // 1999 // Burnside, Solame Trails, & Street

The third tape i picked out of my box of tapes. This one is pretty stacked. Burnside skatepark, St. Helens skatepark, Hood River skatepark, Old Solame trails, Some street and Jeremy Davis’s epic ninja drop attempts!!
Featuring Rich Hirsch, Daniel Randall, Eric Walter, Mark Johnson, Ian Munroe, Ben Hucke, Justin Inman, Brennan Britton, Chris Styler, Austin Hemler, Twinn Finn, Shad Johnson, Jeremy Davis, Mike Lund, & Tommy Graven.

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PDXBMX Files #2 // 1999 // Portland Street & Nelson B.C. Contest

Digging through my tapes last night and I ended up pulling out this jem. I’m pretty sure this was the first tape we started filming Blueprint on. It has clips from the old Salem indoor, the Spokane Washington park, the Punisher pool, Portland streets and then it ends with footage I had from one the infamous Nelson contests!
This tape was pretty jacked so I couldn’t pull everything I would have liked to and some of the clips have glitches. It is still fun to watch and a super fun time to be in the NW!

Riders are Brennan Britton, Tommy Graven, Travis Fontaine, Daniel Randall, Justin Inman, Eric Walter, Shane Youngren, Twin Finn, Jeremy Coft, Shad Johnson, Dave Thom, Kyle, Jeremy Davis, Dustin Guenther, Andrew Ryser, Curtis Easterbrook, John Bristol, Jarrod Creally, Toast, Dave Osato, & Jay Miron.

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