Sean Yarroll // Hasta Luego Session

matty3Last weekend, Dave White of AREA 43 infamy hosted a low-key going away BBQ for one of San Diego’s finest freestylers.  Slayer enthusiast Sean Yarroll is making the move to Spokane, WA, and we’re all gonna miss the big lug a ton.  Riders of all ages stopped by the Poway, California compound throughout the day to say their good-byes to Yarroll and take a few runs on White’s plywood playground.  Check out a few pics I snapped, and if you live in Spokane, get ready for Sean to shred your city’s face off!

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Jason Enns // Cerberus Part // Volume Bikes

Well Jason just basically shut down pool riding for the year! That last move is so sick!!!

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NY Times // Mullaly Bike Park Article

Mullally Bike Park // Bronx, NY // Photo: Elias Williams
PhotoL Elias Williams

It’s always kind of cool when BMX ends up in different media. There’s a cool photo feature on the NY Times Lens section of theirwebsite featuring photos from the Mullally Bike Park in the Bronx. The photos are by Elias Williams and part of his series Underground Never Dies: BMX in the Bronx.

You can check it out here.

And you can support Mullaly Bike Park here.

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Daniel Randall // Blueprint // 2001

As i start to post parts from Blueprint i figured Daniel would be a good one to get the ball rolling.
Daniel pulls in the first part in Blueprint by destroying everything in front of him.NW concrete,vert,street and whatever else crosses his path.

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Solid Bikes Ad // Blueprint // 2001

I dug out the VX and am going to start uploading all the parts from Blueprint. I figured a good test tonight would be this Solid bikes ad from the beginning of the video. The ad features Brian Vowell, Ryan Puckett, Brandon Casquilho & Aaron Huff. I loved watching Huff shred all the Sacto spots back then. He always had fun spots!

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Atlantis Vancouver in Portland

The dudes from Atlantis Vancouver came down here to Portland in late August for the Cascadia Jam and spent a few extra days shredding Portland.

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1996 S&M Sabbath.

1998 // S&M Bikes // Sabbath-bmx-museum

This Sabbath is done up proper.

Check out more photos of this bike on BMX Museum.

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Hobie Doan // Animal Bikes

Hobie rolled into Vancouver for a weekend and came back with this awesome edit for Animal! Lots of opposite and regular so keep those eyes peeled!

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BMX is All I Know // The Trey Jones Interview & Video

trey-jonse-pic-cultIf you follow freestyle at all, then Trey Jones is a name that needs no introduction.  In addition to making his way as a professional rider, wisely affixed upon the rosters of the Cult, Shadow, Vans, and Dan’s Comp pro teams, I discovered that this 6th generation native Floridian has some genuinely deep BMX roots thriving down in the alligator alleys and sweaty swamps of North America’s favorite peninsula.  Trey is fully armed with an arsenal of creativity, a healthy work ethic and prominent early influences.  I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to seeing Trey in the spotlight for many years to come.

Follow the link below to read the full text interview w/photos; scroll to the bottom to listen in on the raw Skype conversation, where Trey shares about his mid-school BMX collection, thoughts on media, collecting, Crack Dad, friends, trends, history, where BMX has taken him and a whole lot more.  Enjoy!

Interview and video by Paul Covey
Photos by Justin Kosman, Wes McGrath, Jeff Zielinski, Matt Coplon, Nick Tellez, Kyle Carlson, Cody York, Eric Bahlman, and Trey Jones


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Yuma Minami // 2016 // Vancouver Summer BMX

Yuma Minami is from Japan but has spent the last year living in Vancouver, BC and boosting every transition he rides through out the Northwest. RTBA Films put together this video of Yuma shredding some BC concrete from this summer.

Also be sure to check back on the site for a project we are working on with Yuma.

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