101 Freestyle Tricks Part 2 // Psycho Version // 1988

101 freestyle tricks part 2 is a staple of any 80’s bmx viewing!
With great riding from so many Pro’s and Am’s at the time and the AFA Velodrome footage of Mike Dominguez coming so very close to the first 900′ this is a must watch!

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2 Responses to 101 Freestyle Tricks Part 2 // Psycho Version // 1988

  1. Gordon Gekko says:

    The Mike Dominguez so close 900 attempt is an interesting one – he said that he has pulled several of them off clean during practice at home, and there were witnesses apparently. However, Mat Hoffman pulled it in front of a crowd in a contest for the first time, and that kind of makes it official whether Mike was first or not.

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