1991 // UGP Flying Circus // Dirt Jumping Contest

Rich Hoppe recently uploaded this footage from a dirt jumping contest in Columbus, OH back in 1991. Filmed by Scott Yoquelet on his VHS camcorder. Give this a watch, it’s really fun.

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2 Responses to 1991 // UGP Flying Circus // Dirt Jumping Contest

  1. Ronnie says:

    Wow this is so cool! The UGP flying circus was the first contest series I out on. Such good memories!
    Does anybody have photos from any of the stops NBL grands, Ohio, or Daytona?

  2. wvbmxer420 says:

    That was my favorite place to go when they held the president’s cup and Christmas classic there. I remember being there I think it was 93 or 94 and they had a jump contest but the jump was in between 2 of the straights on the track and it looked huge back then but was probably about 10 feet tall with about a 15 foot gap. Taj won with a huge tailwhip which he was the only person to try one. Man The early 90s were my favorite. when S&M , Standard, WAL, and Hoffman Bikes where the rider owned company’s that where changing the BMX scene for the next generation. This video was towards the end of the 80s where guys had number plates in dirt jumping comps and in with the new when a lot of guys quit racing and just focused on dirt and street. Trading in the echo helmet for a pro tec skateboarding helmet. I was watching some newer videos last night and still seeing Taj, Jimmy Levan, and Brian Foster still tearing it up is amazing. I’d just seen where Keith treanor is riding for colony which is awesome. I’d raced my last race there at the president’s cup in 94 on my S&M menstrual cycle. The last generation not raised on cell phones and internet.

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