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Canadian Cancer Dust // There’s Still Something Sticking In My Eye

Corey Walsh I haven’t thought about the 90’s pop punk band NOFX in years but after getting a buttload of Canadian Cancer Dust lodged in my eyes all the familiar tracks started to come back… The White Trash, Two Heebs, … CHECK OUT MORE »

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16 Min. @ 16mm. // Dave Mirra & Ryan Nyquist // 2000

I have been sitting on this video for a little and I’m pretty sure most people have not seen it since I think it was made as a promotional item for Adidas when they had a BMX team in the … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Re Up // The Ron Wilkerson Podcast

From the minute I found out how bad it is transcribing an interview I knew I wanted to do a podcast instead. Last Thursday Bruce Crisman called me and said Ron Wilkerson was in town and I should come over … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Troy McMurray // Velvet Taxi Remix // 1995

I love this early Troy footage all pre S&M bikes from Jinx clothing’s video ‘Velvet Taxi’ so i decided to make a lil’ remix to make it easier to watch since its just sprinkled through the video. Troy handles every … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Ritual Migration // Warm Springs // 2009

Every year BMXers have those spots the travel to as the weather gets better. Dean Dickinson put together a video of a favorite trip here in the NW. Riders featured Rich Hirsch, Jesse Whaley, Chester Blacksmith, & Austin McCabe.

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Ken Labelle’s // 1989 Haro Sport Prototype // Ron Wilkerson Tribute bike

I started riding BMX freestyle around 1985. I rode a Haro Master after and built a wedge ramp and rickety ¼ pipe with my dad in the driveway. I wasn’t a fan of the typical summer sports like baseball and … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Team Shralp // Arizona Trip // 2009

Dean Dickinson, Kurt Rasmusson, Vince Kroff, Austin McCabe, & Andy ‘Floyd’ Erickson hit the streets and pools of Tucson Az.

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Team Shralp // Dean’s Dirty 31 Pool Party

TEAM SHRALP powered through an EPIC snowstorm and hosted Dean Dickinson’s birthday bash as DEAN’S DIRTY 31 POOL PARTY. INVITE ONLY pool party session at Dave Tobin’s private indoor concrete bowl. Featuring 31 of the best Pacific Northwest pool shredders! … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Getting Loose With Lee // Chris Moeller Interview

S&M Bikes owner Chris “Mad Dog” Moeller has been cooking up large amounts of stoke for the past 30 years. He and his ever evolving crew of BMX outlaws have blazed a trail of shred that continues to stretch around … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Sprocket Pocket Overload!

This is pretty rad, Shadow rider Eric Bahlman kind of recreates the original Havoc Sprocket ad that came out around 1990. Both ads are a fun watch and the Havoc ad is packed full of legends.

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