Bike Check // Brent “Points Leader” Lee

Brent Lee holds down two nicknames. Some people prefer “Pee Wee” from his racing days but I prefer “Points Leader”. He earned that name by accumulating the most points as an Amateur in his heavy racing days in the 90’s. I heard that it would take 15 years of racing 20″ and cruiser class to catch up to him.

Brent spends his time hitting up tracks and trails all over the Northwest getting laps in!

I see your riding an aluminum Staats frame. Why aren’t you riding a chromoly frame?
It’s really hard to find a chromo frame under 3.5lbs and aluminum is stiffer.

Any special mods going on with the bike?
I just cut the bars.

What was your favorite bike you ever rode?
95′ Powerlite P-61

Why are you still running parts from your Powerlite?
Because they havn’t broke yet.

Can you tell me the reason your riding Spins right now?
Well I came across four sets of em and i think they make for a stiffer ride.

Location: NW
Frame: 2008 Staats XL AL
Fork: S&M Pitchfork
Bars: S&M Slam XLT
Stem: GT XL from 95′
Grips: ODI Ruffians
Bar Ends: ODI
Seat: K2
Cranks: Powerlite from 95′ with a Ti spindle
Pedals: Odyssey trail mix (sealed)
Sprocket: GT 40t
Chain: KMC
Tires: Tioga powerblock
Wheels: Spin wheels with a 14t ACS crossfire
Brakes: Shimano XT V brake

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