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Lee has always been one of my favorite riders. From his riding in the Dirt Bros. vid ‘Hicks In Action’ to his epic part in Homeless ‘Trash’ his riding has always been a big influence to me on how I wanted to ride when I was younger. Fast forward to a few years ago and Lee and I are both holding down footplant tricks in Stew Johnson’s ‘Anthem 2’.
Click the link to see what Lee currently rides and what his favorite footplant moves are!


Age: 40

Location: Austin, Texas

Sponsors / Hook ups: Mad Dog Moeller, Shadillac Johnson, Mike Stotsky, Empire, Robbie Morales, Mat Hoffman, and Daisuke Yoshinaga at SxMxB in Japan

Frame: S&M ATF
Fork: S&M
Bars: Stanton Meth Bars
Stem: DK
Grips: Cult
Barends: Cult
Headset: FSA
Seat: Fit
Cranks: Profile
Pedals: S&M 101
Sprocket: Kink
Chain: Kink
Tires: S&M Mainline
Wheels: Odyssey
Brake: 990
Lever: Odyssey
Other: I also have a few super killer custom engraved parts from Daisuke.

Stanton Meth Bars

Lee I always remember you running forklifter bars back in the day and you still rock a similar style bar. What is it that attracts you to this style of bar?
I have run 4 piece bars since I got a pair of Haro Kneesavers from Gregg Hansen when I was sponsored by Trend Bike Source in the late ’80s…I loved those bars. And then when I was on the original Dirt Brothers team and went out to San Diego in 1990, all those dudes (Vic, Brad, Pete) were all running the 4 piece Bully bars that they had gotten from R.L. when they all rode for Bully, and the Bully bars were almost a exact copy of Redline Forklifters, because, obviously, R.L. rode for Redline… the Bully bars were a bit bigger / wider than original Redline Forklifters and Vic gave me a pair of Forklifters that he had before he got the Bully’s, and I ran them and loved them…it just seemed much easier for me to pick up the front end with Forklifters…but, the repro Bully bars that you gave me last year seem to work well with the modern geometry of the S&M ATF frame that I run…I cannot stand 2 piece bars…I don’t know how people run those oversized 2 piece bars these days…and plus, Forklifters and Bully bars always reminded me of Devil’s horns, so that was a plus also..haha!…SLAYER!


Haha I got ya! What are your top 5 footplant tricks in order?
1. Fastplant
2. Sweeper
3. Backside Boneless
4. Fakie Fastplant
5. Frontside Coping Clapper

What was your favorite bike you ever had and why?
My favorite bike set up that I ever had was my first Dirt Bro’s set up…Skyway T/A with Redline forks, Redline Forklifters, Skyway mags and a Havok Sprocket Pocket…The reason why is because it was light, and I really started learning a lot more stuff with that set up.

You have any good Dirt Bros stories? Anything to do with Ronnie Farmer would just make my day!
Ronnie was a full on trip..when that dude rode, he went full speed and full blast at everything…got to street ride in San Diego and ride Mission trails with him a few times and it was pure ape shit insanity…and he was even more of a lunatic to party with…he was full throttle at everything he did…whether it was riding or partying, Ronnie did not fuck around at all.

Greg Guillotte // Lee Sultemeier // Davin "Psycho" Hallford // Psycho's Son Dravin
Greg Guillotte // Lee Sultemeier // Davin “Psycho” Hallford // Psycho’s Son Dravin

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