Front Brake Fiesta // Area 43 // BMX Freestyle Jam

This past weekend the Front Break Fiesta went down at Dave White’s Area 43 compound and Paul Covey put together this video with a Q&A and shredding from Mike Parenti, Eric “Buddah” Horrell, John Buultjens, Dirt Ron, Lucas Hastay, Dave White, Paddy Gross, Pete Augustin and Patrick Kelly.

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4 Responses to Front Brake Fiesta // Area 43 // BMX Freestyle Jam

  1. Lucas says:

    Need more of this!!!

  2. Micah says:

    Loved this. I need some old riding buddies that don’t care.

    I can’t believe Freimuth got more votes than Osato.

  3. hecKtor Dangus says:

    I love this more than my first born, and he’s an honor student!
    (but can’t ride for shit)

  4. D says:

    That was a super good video.

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