Getting Some Laps After Work.

The older you get the more you appreciate the time on your bike and like most guys getting up there in age it can it can get harder to find that time with all the responsibilities that stack up.

So when I got a call From my my good friend Riley Peetz that Aaron Huff was with him and had some parts of mine that he had chromed I jumped at the chance! A quick session and some nice shiny parts for my 1990 Dyno Slammer!

We Decided we would meet up at John’s bowl for a quick session and some catching up. After about a 45 minutes of catching up, riding, and getting murdered by mosquito’s it had gotten to dark for another run. Mission accomplished though. A full day of work is always great when you get can top it off with even the shortest amount of time on the bike.


Riley Peetz getting that bike sideways after a long day of busting hammers!


Who doesn’t like a backyard bowl?


Chris ‘Snotty’ Morse catching those last minutes of daylight.


Aaron Huff, Riley Peetz and Snotty winding down after a long days work.

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