Greg Guillotte // Hammer Sponsor Me Tape

Greg recently uploaded his old sponsor me tape that he was sending to Hammer Designs. If I had to guess I’d say this is around 89′. Like most sponsor me tapes from the 80’s & early 90’s they can be a bit rough around the edges. Well this isn’t like most sponsor me tapes. It’s Greg’s tape and he holds it down as a vert legend.
There are two things to watch out for in this:
One is at 0:23 just listen to those 1.75 tires scream as hits that ramp. The noise is nuts!
Two is right about at 2:43 he starts hitting the ramp hard! Monster airs, massive turndowns, nothings and a couple dope lip tricks! If your not familiar with Greg give this a watch and do a little research please.

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