Hampton Virginia BS Comp // Am Vert // 1995

This BS contest may have had one of the gnarliest am classes since a 2-hip contest in the late 80’s. Rob Tibbs, Pat Denhe, Rob Sigaty, Mark Owen, Dave Osato, The Gute, & Josh Heino. The guys go hard in this with big ass airs and some wild lip tricks!!
Let us know if you were at this contest and what you remember!

Filmed & Edited by – Darren Hough

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3 Responses to Hampton Virginia BS Comp // Am Vert // 1995

  1. Rob Jones says:

    This video brings back a lot of memories. I was at this contest, took 3rd in novice Flatland. I believe I had my purple and black dyno comp back then, right before I got my red Morales frame that I have to this day. I remember it being hot as hell, and the vert ramp was covered in sheet metal which made it hot as hell also lol. but I got to meet so many guys that I had only seen on videos. it was a great time and wont forget it. being able to warm up with day smith and the other guys was something I wont forget. and just like Darren said above, this is just before the sport blew up. I wanted to go to the first x games but didn’t work out. Great Memories !!!

  2. Matt Barber says:

    Great footage Darren! And you make some important and often overlooked points for sure. It’s interesting to hear that it wasn’t just my friends and I in Vancouver that were living on a diet of Quicksand, Operation Ivy, and Nirvana either!

  3. Darren Hough says:

    This was a week after the very first X-Games. Looking back on it, I don’t think anyone at this comp realized the significance of that. This contest would be one of the last non ESPN Bike Stunt comps. Just a year later the sport would just explode in popularity and at least at the higher levels, things changed pretty drastically. That was good, because people who deserved it were finally starting to get paid what they were worth, but it was kinda sad too, because the days of the beginners sharing the deck with the superpros in practice and calling Mat’s home phone number to ask for directions to the contest came to an end. The sport was very much ours at that time, very few people knew what bike riding was or that it was even possible to do these things on a bike, even people who owned bike shops! I was home from college for the summer and there weren’t a lot of people around to ride bikes with, so getting to this comp was a nice change to be with people like me for a weekend. This BMX historian got 11th (out something like 30) in Stuntboy flat! I was going to enter park/mini too but I bent my bars a few days before trying manual to bike varial to upside down manual, so I didn’t want to risk them snapping and didn’t have time or resources to locate a backup set.

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