Hampton Virginia BS Comp // Park Finals // 1995

Awesome new video from Darren Hough’s archive! The park finals from the Hampton Virginia BS comp. I remember hearing that street spine was so hard to ride and was destroying people though the contest. If you were at this contest we would love to hear about the day from you in the comments.
DMC, Stuart King, Miron, Mirra and Rob Nolli all are killing the course. Try to look around and see all the people in the crowd – Day Smith, Hoffman, Kenan, Parrick, Dom Mach, & Steev Inge.Rick Thorne on the mic!

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5 Responses to Hampton Virginia BS Comp // Park Finals // 1995

  1. dunc says:

    Rob Nolli FTW.

  2. Simon says:

    I remember 64 hours in Dom’s ford tempo to get there.

  3. Darren Hough says:

    Wade, I think that’s Dom in front of me in the bleachers…that’s his blue hair. I remember as soon as he got back from the hospital he was asking if they’d still let him finish his run.

  4. Darren Hough says:

    Some other notable events at this comp:

    -This was the first time I remember hearing about/seeing Osato ride. He was still entering am and absolutely destroyed the class. Thinking back on it he could’ve easily placed well in pro on that sort of super tech course.

    -This was the comp where Thorne bashed out his front four teeth with a handlebar to the grill went underneath his full face helmet. Burly.

    -King was just getting going – Stuart was there selling pegs and shirts and other small parts. I don’t think the frame was ready yet though. I also remember seeing him do the biggest air on vert to get caught by the wind to land flat ever. He landed so hard his bars went all the way forward, he nearly missed the entire transition coming back in.

    -Day was practicing his flatland run in the parking lot with headphones on, so he didn’t hear it when his name was called for his pro flat run. Somebody had to run and go get him.

  5. Wade says:

    I was there. Dom Mach cracked his head open on that spine – blue hair with blood.
    I don’t remember what tricks I did in the contest, but I qualified first in Need To Be (intermediate) and placed second behind Ryan Jackson. I have the most amazing plaque from that event that I will have to write a column on. Remember – this was the weekend after the first Extreme Games.

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