In Search Of Podcasts // San Diego Bound


So the idea I had was to fly in to San Diego and stay with Vince Kroff for a week and try and smash out as many podcasts as I could and try and get a little riding in too. I can’t thank Keith Treanor enough for loaning me his car. Vince and I were constantly driving back and forth from North Park to North County on a daily basis. If it wasn’t for In-N-Out and Chic Fila’ I don’t know if we would have had the energy to continue!

If you would have told me in 1990 I would be sitting down with my hero’s having candid conversations about riding and how it affected our lives I would have never believed you because that just seemed unattainable. These guys were so open with me and I just feel when you have that BMX connection with someone you know you can Just meet someone and in 5 minutes you know you share so much in common.

I always thank BMX for bringing new adventures into my life!


What a day over at the King’s house! Eddie Fiola. The first generation’s original super pro. Eddie has so much history and had such in depth answers for my questions. If he didnt have to run and get his daughter from school I think this interview would have went well over two hours.
After recording the podcast Eddie gave us a quick tour of his garage and I really don’t know much about cars but I know this Japanese imported 1985 RHD CRX that he has had since day one is special!


Eddie has the first prototype GT forkstanders. These things looked nuts and are a far cry from that classic forkstanders they became known for.



Here are the prototype GT framestanders. These look alot closer to the GT mallet stem then a functional frame stander.


The best part of the day may have been watching Eddie & Vince Kroff go back and forth with flatground tricks in front of his house. Eddie still has so many moves and you can tell that riding his bike still puts a smile on his face!


We stopped at Haro a few times.In between eating ‘A bit o Britain’ and just oggling all there is in new and old at Haro headquarters I managed to squeeze in a podcast with a man who knows more about Haro then humanly possible, John Buultjens.


Haro’s 90’s wall is impressive and even though this does not feel like that long ago some of these whips are well over 20 years.


Haro’s legends wall is what your greeted with when you first walk in and its really crazy how many top dudes have been on Haro!


Seriously it was like I was in a candy store!! So much good stuff!


Something in every nook and cranny!



In case you didn’t know John has the worlds largest Haro collection. Here he is opening up a Ultra frame that he had just gotten off a collector and you can tell by the pictures how excited he is!


We would spend our mornings warming up at OB park. This park and I definitely did not see eye to eye but other guy’s were shredding hard! Mark Mullville was in town with the Profile boys and was as dialed as ever!
Photo: Paul Covey


John Stafford AKA Lil’ John was owning the park. This guy is far beyond dialed. I’m sure you will be seeing more of him in the future.
Photo: Paul Covey


Jared Eberwein was rolling with Profile guy’s and had no problem handling this hip.
Photo: Paul Covey



I was super excited to meet up with Lee Reynolds at his shop Hunt & Gather and record with him. Lee was definitely a favorite growing up and its always great when you spend time with someone and they exceed your expectations. Such a fun night hanging out and bull shitting!


We headed out to the Shred The Rez contest on Saturday. The whole contest was a blur and it was awesome to watch everyone kill it! I was definetly excited to hang with these dudes. Evan Lane, Chris Fox, Matt Cordova, and Nathan Sykes.



I was pretty busty judging but did get a chance to shoot a few pics of Matt Cordova doing what he does best! Roast!


Evan was tearing around the course. I really would like to go back here when its a little bit more chill because this park looked awesome!


BFC & Vince prep a pool before an epic session. I didnt get to shoot any pics because I was to busy riding or getting eaten by sand flies.


I was definitely worried when I was planning this trip that some of the guy’s I wanted to sit down and talk to would just wonder who this overgrown fanboy was. To my excitement everyone was so awesome to deal with. Being able to sit down and pick Brian Blyther’s brain was a treat!
Photo: Paul Covey

Listen to our Brian Blyther podcast here.

Photo: Paul Covey

Photo: Paul Covey

Next up was Keith Treanor who I was the least nervous to sit down and chat with since I have known him for years. You know Keith had stories. Good stories. You guys should love this one.



Tom Perry keeping it casual at Home Ave.



You would think with as long as I have been riding I would have road Home Ave. Ditch. Well I have not and I popped my Home Avenue cherry on this trip. Dirt Ron met up and proceeded to shred his Tuff Wheels to the max.


The last few days were spent swimming and hanging out at Dave Voelkers house. I did a podcast with Dave and one with Pete Augustin there. (unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of Pete) Dave’s house was filled with great stories, watching Dave Nourie flatland as we called out tricks for him, and watching everyone take runs on Dave’s ramp.
Photo: Paul Covey


Vince & Kole waiting there turn to hit the quarter.


Pala pool care taker Evan Lane dipping that bermslider under a watchful eye of Blyther.
Photo: Paul Covey

Photo: Paul Covey


Evan was shredding the whole time we were there. That ramp is pretty damn perfect.


Some of Dave’s past trophies from when he was dominating the Meet The Street series in the early 90’s.


BFC & regular Snakebite contributor Paul Covey on deck!

Photo: Paul Covey

Dave’s son Kole definetly has some boost. Non stop with some good casual style.


Photo: Paul Covey


Vince Kroff getting down like its 1987 and he is at an AFA Masters.
Photo: Paul Covey

Photo: Paul Covey


Big thanks to all who helped us on this trip.Especially Keith Treanor & John Povah.This wouldn’t have happened without them. I’m really hoping you all like the podcasts as they drop in the next few weeks. We have all ready posted the Brian Blyther one so give it a listen.
Photo: Paul Covey

Photos: Shad Johnson unless otherwise marked.

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