In The Raw // 2-Hip Meet The Street // San Francisco // 2001

I originally tried filming this contest for Props when I first started working for them but unfortunately didn’t end up with enough clips for a full segment that would have been Props worthy at the time.

Fast forward over 15 years later I asked Chris Rye if he still had the tape I sent him, he said he would let me know. I was not expecting him to ever find it due to how many tapes he is probably sitting on. About 4 months later he says he has it and shot it over my way.

This video just screams midschool BMX from the bikes, the tricks, and the riders at the time.

This contest was so wild. I am pretty sure Ron just dropped the ramps of in the middle of SF and just went for it. Which is awesome! From Mike Lund’s massive alley-oop wall ride to the Solid crew & the SD crew almost turning the contest into a riot it was a very cold but very fun day!

Featured riders:
Adam Strieby, Bruce Crisman, Jimmy Levan, Ty Hathaway, Mike Krnaich, Troy McMurray, Gary Young, Mike Griffin,James Hitchcox, Ryan Armstrong, Curtis Elwell, Mike Heinz, Ben Boyko, Andre Murillo, Samar Corilo, David Camacho, Tim “Fuzzy” Bosstock, Mike Lund, Cameron Birdwell, Chester Blacksmith, Andrew Ryser, & Rich Hirsch.

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