In The Raw // 9th Street BMX Jam // Austin // 1996

This quick video comes from my good friend, Cullen McMorrow, who has played an understated but intrinsic role in the riding scene in Austin and Central Texas over the years.  He started one of the earliest BMX websites back in the 90s (Flavor webzine), put on the Brotherhood contests, and started the Walnut Creek trails –  not to mention being an ace level flatlander and early 22 inch bike proponent.  I was lucky to get to ride with Cullen a lot when I lived in Austin.  He always keeps the sessions fun and seems to have a camera out at just the right moments.  Here’s more from Cullen:

. . . (This is) just some raw footage from 9th Street Trails in Austin on March 16, 1996.  Riders include: Ron Kimler, Taj Mihelich, Stuart King, Chris Saldivar, Ed Koenning, and Todd Moon.  There was some kind of jam . . . I don’t remember the occasion–that’s why there were so many people standing around.  Jay Miron was there that day as well . . .

Keith Mulligan was also there shooting the photos that would eventually run in Taj‘s interview in Ride.

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One Response to In The Raw // 9th Street BMX Jam // Austin // 1996

  1. Chris Saldivar says:

    I remember this day vividly, I had just moved to Austin a few months prior and met the nicest bunch of BMXers on the planet at 9th street. Sitting on the log and watching Taj ride was our greatest past time. Lets just say, those 9th jumps were too small for him.
    I think Bestwick & Taj by far have the most style and power in their riding.

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