In The Raw // Austin 2-Hip KOV // 1988

We are working on a project with the Wall 2 Wall freestyle guys on a new history project they are working on. In the next few months they have been gracious enough to hook us up with some unscene footage from some big events in Freestyle history.
Here is a good behind the scenes look at the 1988 2-hip KOV in Austin Texas. Join Ron W, Josh White, Spike and many more and see what it was like to be there that day! If you were there and have any memories of the contest please leave them in the comments!
Please go check out there website and get ready for some awesome stuff coming through.

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One Response to In The Raw // Austin 2-Hip KOV // 1988

  1. Chris Saldivar says:

    So glad you guys found that video and posted it ! Great time in BMX for sure !
    That ramp did move on you from time to time but believe it or not,it wasn’t very noticeable.
    What was even more nerve racking was hanging on the deck with every bad ass vert rider in that Era
    ( Minus Mike D.).
    Voelker airing into the lake was so out of the box it was hardly comprehendible, Like WTF just happened ?

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