In The Raw // Jay Miron’s First Public 540 Tail Whip // 1998

This was at a small vert contest at BC Place in Vancouver. It was late 98′ and a crew of us Portland guys decided to make the drive up. The riders in order of appearance are Dave Osato, Dustin Guenther, Tony Hawk, Eric Gagne, & Jay Miron. Eric Walter filmed this while i was on the deck taking photos. I put the few clips in of Tony Hawk since he was doing a demo that day. At the end of the day I remember Jay saying thats the first 540 whip that he had pulled at a contest.

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3 Responses to In The Raw // Jay Miron’s First Public 540 Tail Whip // 1998

  1. Wade says:

    Here’s an idea – if it was before June of 1997, I was still in Montreal finishing grad school, and wouldn’t have been there. And if this was the case, The Beast may have unleashed it in Vancouver before going to the Florida B3 contest. I think that you were right and Bob was wrong, and this would explain why I wasn’t there (as I have no memory of this event).

  2. Wade says:

    I may be wrong – but didn’t Jay pull the 5-whip first in 1997 at that contest in Florida? And Pat Miller is jumping up and down on the deck, blown away.
    I would have been at this demo – but that’s not me announcing. Is that Rick Thorne?

    • Shad says:

      I wanted to say this was 97′ but i asked Bob Holliday and he was convinced it was 98′.
      I dont remember you at this comp though. Rick is on the Mic.
      I just remember everyone saying this was the first one in public.

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