Inside Look At The BMX Museum House // Photo Gallery

About monthly I swing by what people in town like to call the BMX Museum house. A quick stop can quickly turn into hours looking thru Gary’s stuff or seeing the new goody he just picked up. Here is just a tiny bit of whats hiding out in the house.

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7 Responses to Inside Look At The BMX Museum House // Photo Gallery

  1. Isaias Colon says:

    Gary good I would like to get a frame philwood have one for sale

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  4. Gilbert T says:

    Dang all our hearts skip a beat when ever we get a peak at GAry’s collection!

  5. Joe loumena says:

    Fuckin Gary!!!

  6. Rene Sansom-Blair says:


  7. GAry says:

    thanks for the feature Shad..and for all the bikes too!
    Featured bikes:
    My Oldest GT frame.. 1980 or so.
    My GHP I rode in the navy, had it since 1986.
    My JMC Any Patterson frame set, serial #AP10
    My Titan that I actually machines myself, it is now Raw.
    The Zeronine freestyle frame
    The one and ONLY Phil Wood bmx frame, built for interbike
    and a few random shots from my collection..

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