Jason Enns // Grasso Vibes Bike Check

Jason Enns // Colony Oz One

Ok so what inspired you with this build?

Grasso was always an all time fav. Actually everything Ozone did always looked awesome to me as a kid, always dreamt of having one of these bikes and realized this was as close as I’d ever get.

Do you have a favorite Grasso pic or moment you Remember?

Every picture I saw of Grasso resonated with me at the time. I always loved the sequence of the front tire up the tranny and back out from SF. Absolutely loving all these new unseen pics popping up lately thanks to birth of freestyle and others. Brings back all the same feelings.

Craig Grasso Fakie

What was the hardest thing for you to find for the build?

I knew I wanted to run a ACS Boa on the front so it took me awhile to figure out which modern day fork it would work on. The pitch fork has the 10mm center hole on the crown in the right position for everything to fit and work perfectly.I used to snap the the 6mm all the time back in the day so there was no way I’m taking that risk again hahah!

Ya the oversized is the way to go! So the Q bars you have, are they the ones with a lot of backsweep?

They are actually the colony ones, as much as I would have like to run the originals, I could t justify spending that kind of money on bars I’d most likely bend pretty quickly if I rode them.

The Colony ones look so good it had me me fooled!!

Haha, yea they are good replicas for sure.

Does anything change on the way look at riding when you hop on an old bike or re-pop?

It does for sure. I feel like each one of the old bikes kind of has it’s own personality. The bikes transport you back in time and just good fun doing tricks from that era on em

I agree completely. Any plans for another build in the pipeline?

Just picked up an original WAL Riot, will be another fun rider. Also need to finish up the 91 holmes. Hopefully take a break when those 2 are finished haha

Frame: colony Oz one- 21
Fork: S&M pitchfork
Bars: Peregrine Q
Grips: EZ Jive flangless
Stem: SE
Brake: ACS BOA 10mm
Lever: Tech77
Cranks: Redline Flight
Pedals: peregrine uf-1
Sprocket: Kink 25t
Seat: GT viscount 2188
Clamp: Peregrine
Post: unknown
Chain: unknown
Pegs: unknown
Front wheel: Peregrine HP 48
Rear: skyway tuff 9t
Tires: Haro HPF 2.2

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