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I was flipping thru the 1989 February issue of BMX Plus and came across this photo of Dino Deluca on his local ramp in Camarillo. The photo was from a contest that they thru. two things about this photo that I like and why I wanted to post it up.

First Dino is wearing street clothes. I love seeing photos from the 80’s of riders looking like they would normally when they were just getting a session in with guys. I know toward the later part of the 80’s you would see this a little more with some of the core guys but I feel like the GT/Dyno riders were rarely seen without the jersey’s. I know this sounds like such a petty thing but I feel like it was a big deal when riders started going away from this.

Second was that Dino is just doing a simple cancan. I mean it’s more than a simple cancan its a really stylish can but like lots of riders Dino usually would get photos of Rubberband airs or his signature Lookbacks while using that coaster brake for maximum boneage.

I wanna hear your guys thoughts on the picture and if you preferred seeing guys in the jersey’s or in street clothes. Chime in on whatever you like in the comments.

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4 Responses to Lets Talk About It // Dino Deluca

  1. josh suko says:

    One thing that sticks out to me about this photo is his foot on the pedal – so tweaked it looks like the edge of the shoe is just barely hanging on. As for uniforms/street clothes, I love them both. I was stoked to see the change when it happened but still can’t deny the old uniforms can look really good. Fiola in all white with white bike, white tires, white mags come to mind.

  2. tok says:

    This was probably shot during practice. those dudes just wore reg. clothes when the rode. Those shoes wear the first from a bike company(Dyno) and they were so comfortable to ride in. the reason that ramp had so much flatbottom was it was easier to set up airs- thats what Todd Anderson told me. Dino was a monster- he could destroy any vert ramp. His nac nacs or back cans were awesome.

  3. rob tibbs says:

    I’d like to point out that this ramp had 24ft of flat bottom

  4. G. Edward Jones, Jr. says:

    This may have been right after Dino lost his sponsorship. Granted I missed a lot of the 90s, but wasn’t that right around the time that GT moved everyone from Dyno to GT or dropped them?

    As far as the street clothes thing goes. I may be alone in this, but there was something aspirational about the “Factory” and “Co-Factory” jerseys. I mean, anyone could buy a Jersey, but actually getting one of the factory ones meant something.

    I don’t miss the leathers, but I’d like to see a little more *something* than a shirt with all of your sponsors logos ironed onto it in a row.

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