Lou Rajsich // Blueprint

Well I finally have dug up the master copy of Blueprint. I am going to start posting all the parts online with interviews of the riders. Lou is the only guy who had a full part that we are not in contact with anymore. So no interview. Lou was one of the most progressive street riders that came out of the late 90’s early 2000’s. Lou only had footage in this and a few clips in Animal’s first video but his influence is still felt today. Riders still don’t do opposite backward rails that often.
Some key things to look for in this part are,

0:50 Lou tries a gap to rail that we realized during editing that it says Blueprint on the sign.

0:57 Lou tries the first hard 180 to rail.

1:43 Lou nearly tears his foot off trying a backwards rollercoaster.

2:06 This line where Lou does a nice oppo rail to a hefty ice grind he did first go and i talked him into trying the ice grind a few more times to try and get a fisheye shot of it.I ended up just running the wrecks before the pull because it just looked better.

2:17 Lou would do this opposite backwards rail almost every time we would ride this spot. I think i saw him not pull this but once.

Hats off to Lou for burning out instead of fading away. We miss ya man!

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