Mike Dominguez // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

Mike Dominguez still has it in this. It definitely looks like he filmed this all in a day but he still has that pump. What more can you expect from one of the godfathers of BMX. Mike looks like he maybe had gotten in a fight the night before because he has a black eye but buy the looks of him in this vid i’m sure he is the one that came out on top!

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  1. Darren H says:

    I remember being so stoked to find out Mike D was on the then-new Bully team. After he had been fired from Diamond Back, he hadn’t been at many contests or in the magazines too much. I remember thinking this was going to be his big comeback, and soon he’d be giving Hoffman some competition.

    Wow was I wrong. Rumor has it this was the most he rode that whole year.

    It’s hard to believe that this video was filmed during the same time period as Headfirst.

    What does Mike D for money these days, anyway?

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