Jason Watts // Wing It The Whole Way

We’re big fans of Jason Watts and this new video from Ride UK of him shredding in Spain and Portugal doesn’t disappoint.

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Chasing the View Off the Cliff // Mix Section 2 // 1994

Up today – the second mix section from 1994’s Chasing the View Off the Cliff featuring riding at PA trails, the York Jam, and SCRAP from:  Taj, Mike Forney, Mike Griffin, Luc-E, Chase Gouin, Mark Eaton, John Parker, Todd Lyons, Chris Hallman, and a whole lot more.  It’s worth the watch just to see Doug Arnoff’s acid drop off the vert ramp and Taj’s tailwhip over the spine at SCRAP.   I remember everyone talking about those particular maneuvers for months after that contest . . .

We’ve already posted sections from: Dennis McCoy, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Luc-E, and the first mix section.  And if you haven’t read about Tony Marion and this classic lost video, you can check out the article here.

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Paul Covey // Dig BMX // Short Frames

Head over to Dig BMX to read this awesome article Paul put together about short frames and their history and influence on street riding. Includes interviews with Steven Hamilton, Ben Lewis and Grant Smith.

Read Pauls article here.

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 2000 S&M Kris Bennett

S&M Bikes // Kris Bennett // 2000 // BMX Museum

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a few people tell me how much they loved their Bennett frame back in the day. So I thought it would be the perfect bike for this weeks Tricked Out Tuesday.

Check out more photos over the bike over at BMX Museum.

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Goods BMX // BMX Museum // SOS Classic // Bike Gallery

We just stumbled across all of the photos we shot of the bikes that were at the Goods BMX // BMX Museum // SOS Classic bike show and jam that went down at Pacific Park Skatepark in Vancouver, WA in late August.

Like every year were some rad bikes on display.

There some extra photos from the high contest that went down in the bowl, and you can check out more of the riding photos from

Ryan Suava
and Tony Archibeque Jr.


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Mike Dominguez // Rominske Halfpipe // 1987

Wade Nelson sent me this the other day and its pretty damn sick. From what it looks like to me is that Mike Dominguez and Woody Itson stopped off at some locals house to shred their ramp. Pretty much all of our dream at that time.Lots of cool stuff from Mike in this including some opposite air variations! From the looks of it i think its 1987 but if anyone knows more info on the ramp or what year hit us up in the comments!

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Live Free Or Die Trailer

Well this is going to rule. The new Credence video “Live Free Or Die” featuring Clint Reynolds, Matty Aquizap, Nutter and more filmed and edited by Stew Johnson. Due out by Christmas.

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Sean Burns Podcast

Snakebite BMX // Dig BMX // Sean Burns // Podcast

I sat down with Sean Burns on an extremely hot day in Austin back in 2016 to talk about his early days riding trails, his Metal Bikes days, how to land flat on big gaps and what it takes to run Bonedeth!

“We’ve been huge fans of this guy since ‘way back when’ here at DIG. At first we were drawn to his riding style and his wild / funny antics, and then it was his stories and contributions to our print mag over the years that kept us even more stoked on him. Nowadays we admire more than ever for not only still killing it on his bike (despite having a riding style that really takes it toll on the body), but for having the energy to shout down the racists, fascists and homophobes online that unfortunately (still) pollute pockets of the BMX world like they unfortunately do in the rest of the ‘real’ world. This interview was conducted way back last year and for endless reasons has taken us forever to publish. We hope you enjoy.”

Produced in collaboration with: www.digbmx.com

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Nathan Sykes // Summer 2017 // Colony

One of Oregon’s finest Nathan Sykes boosts some concrete and trails in his new edit for Colony.

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Epicly Later’d // Spike Jonze & Archive Photos // September 2017

Don’t miss this latest episode of Epicly Later’d!!

He may be more well known for his remarkably creative skateboarding, music video, and Hollywood related endeavors, but Spike Jonze was a BMXer.  I think the word they used back then was “dual,”  meaning to both bike and skate.  Nevertheless, his contributions to freestyle in the late 80s and early 90s were a big part of why BMX Action, Freestylin’, and GO looked so incredible during those years. Check out the video and click below to see a few of our favorite photos taken by (and taken of) Spike. CHECK OUT MORE »

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