Dom Phipps // Wall to Wall Freestyle // Podcast // Snakebite X Dig BMX

Dom Phipps // Wall to Wall Freestyle // Podcast // Snakebite X Dig BMX

For the latest episode of our DIG x Snakebite podcast series Shad Johnson sat down with Dom Phipps to talk with him about the epic new book he is working on called ‘Wall To Wall Freestyle’. This is shaping up to be possibly the most comprehensive project ever undertaken about the history and influence of BMX freestyle and is much more than just an ‘old school’ BMX project.

Listen in as Dom discusses everything from unsung pioneers to Dennis Enarson, and how he even got the infamous ‘Muster Cluster’ of Spike Jonze, Andy Jenkins and Mark Lewman back together to talk BMX and those hugely influential days of Wizard Publications.

Find out more about the release and how you can secure your copy of the book by following the links below.

For more info: For regular updates:

This is a release in collaboration with

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In The Raw // 9th Street BMX Jam // Austin // 1996

This quick video comes from my good friend, Cullen McMorrow, who has played an understated but intrinsic role in the riding scene in Austin and Central Texas over the years.  He started one of the earliest BMX websites back in the 90s (Flavor webzine), put on the Brotherhood contests, and started the Walnut Creek trails –  not to mention being an ace level flatlander and early 22 inch bike proponent.  I was lucky to get to ride with Cullen a lot when I lived in Austin.  He always keeps the sessions fun and seems to have a camera out at just the right moments.  Here’s more from Cullen:

. . . (This is) just some raw footage from 9th Street Trails in Austin on March 16, 1996.  Riders include: Ron Kimler, Taj Mihelich, Stuart King, Chris Saldivar, Ed Koenning, and Todd Moon.  There was some kind of jam . . . I don’t remember the occasion–that’s why there were so many people standing around.  Jay Miron was there that day as well . . .

Keith Mulligan was also there shooting the photos that would eventually run in Taj‘s interview in Ride.

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Ritual Migration // Warm Springs // 2009

Every year BMXers have those spots the travel to as the weather gets better. Dean Dickinson put together a video of a favorite trip here in the NW. Riders featured Rich Hirsch, Jesse Whaley, Chester Blacksmith, & Austin McCabe.

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Ken Labelle’s // 1989 Haro Sport Prototype // Ron Wilkerson Tribute bike

I started riding BMX freestyle around 1985. I rode a Haro Master after and built a wedge ramp and rickety ¼ pipe with my dad in the driveway. I wasn’t a fan of the typical summer sports like baseball and soccer. I needed the adrenaline rush. Ron Wilkerson was my favorite rider. I’m sure you all know of the Boy’s Life magazine cover photo. That one hand, one footed air with him smiling…. I wanted to be like that. I grew up watching Ron push the limits of the sport and creating a rad contest series. Ron helped our local New England contest series called the Eastern Ramp Association (ERA). The ERA held half pipe and street contest, which helped spawn locals like Kevin Robinson (KRob), Keith Mcelhinney, Scott Moroney, Bill Cole, and more to new heights.


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Team Shralp // Arizona Trip // 2009

Dean Dickinson, Kurt Rasmusson, Vince Kroff, Austin McCabe, & Andy ‘Floyd’ Erickson hit the streets and pools of Tucson Az.

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Team Shralp // Dean’s Dirty 31 Pool Party

TEAM SHRALP powered through an EPIC snowstorm and hosted Dean Dickinson’s birthday bash as DEAN’S DIRTY 31 POOL PARTY. INVITE ONLY pool party session at Dave Tobin’s private indoor concrete bowl. Featuring 31 of the best Pacific Northwest pool shredders! Riders battled it out for high air, best trick, and the “Shred Boner Award.” Featuring: Ryan Barrett, Andy Merrall, Jamie Jacobson, Jimmy “Wildcard” Cogan, Nick Vergillio, Slade Scherer, Mike Sheldon, John Battreal, & more!

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Taj Mihelich // Life After Pro

This is a must watch. Ride BMX and Chris Rye at Props just released this 12 minute documentary where Taj talks about his 25 year pro career. They cover a lot of stuff in here but some of the things Taj talks about are learning to ride vert so he could do Sprocket Jockey shows, tailwhips, how the iconic Taj wishbone came about, starting T-1, suffering a career ending injury, starting Fairdale and so much more.

Great job to everyone involved.

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Getting Loose With Lee // Chris Moeller Interview

S&M Bikes owner Chris “Mad Dog” Moeller has been cooking up large amounts of stoke for the past 30 years. He and his ever evolving crew of BMX outlaws have blazed a trail of shred that continues to stretch around the earth to this day. I don’t want to even think about where BMX would be without S&M’s influence.

This summer marks the 30th Anniversary of S&M and I recently spoke with Moeller about that and some of the things he has planned to celebrate the Anniversary.

By Lee Sultemeier

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Taj Mihelich // An Archive Of A Legend // Ride BMX

Taj Mihelich // Tabletop // Ride BMX // Issue 22 // June-July 1996

On Monday May 1s the folks over at Ride BMX and Chris Rye from Props will be releasing a video project Taj Mihelich // Life after pro. In honor of this Ride posted up some classic photos from the pages of ride.

You can check out the gallery here.

You can watch the teaser for Taj Mihelich // Life after pro here.

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Sprocket Pocket Overload!

This is pretty rad, Shadow rider Eric Bahlman kind of recreates the original Havoc Sprocket ad that came out around 1990. Both ads are a fun watch and the Havoc ad is packed full of legends.

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