Kohl From SD // Video

One of the most fun people to follow Instagram @kohlfromsd just put out this awesome video of his wild riding antics. Give this a watch and follow kohl on instagram, you will be entertained.

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Marty McFarland // P.O.T.T. Ramp Session // 1988

Marty McFarland rips the P.O.T.T. (Power Of The Trees) Ramp which was located south of Portland and owned by Aaron Crawford. Marty is ripping on his Boss Freestyler that I think he got from them through a co-sponsorship with Bike Gallery. Marty is a vert legend in Oregon and I was real excited when John Bristol found some footage of him from a session out there.

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Dig 25 // Full Video // 2002

Dig 25 was one of those completely random midschool video’s that came out in the early 2000’s. Featuring a who’s who of X-games riders from that time so the riding is good and unlike most videos that were pushed through by non riders at this time this really isn’t cheesy and is filmed pretty damn nice. Definitely worth a watch!!!!

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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast

The BMX In Our Blood Podcast

I’ve recently been enjoying The BMX In Our Blood, a new podcast by Joe Doherty. Joe has done some podcast with riders as well as the people behind some East Coast spots. Make sure to give it a listen, he’s already up to episode 10 and has more episodes in the works.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes here.

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Tricked Out Tuesday // Limit Fabrications Jay Miron Replica Build

Jay Miron Replica Hoffman Bikes Frame
Photo by: Tim Wood Photo (www.timwoodphoto.net)

For this weeks Tricked Out Tuesday instead of pulling a bike from our friends at BMX Museum we decided to dig into our archives for this Jay Miron Hoffman Bikes Prototype Replica by Patrick Banks at Limited Fabrications.

Read more about the build here and also make sure to check out the re-edit we did of Jays section from Jinx’s Velvet Taxi from 1995 here.

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In The Raw // Jay Miron’s First Public 540 Tail Whip // 1998

This was at a small vert contest at BC Place in Vancouver. It was late 98′ and a crew of us Portland guys decided to make the drive up. The riders in order of appearance are Dave Osato, Dustin Guenther, Tony Hawk, Eric Gagne, & Jay Miron. Eric Walter filmed this while i was on the deck taking photos. I put the few clips in of Tony Hawk since he was doing a demo that day. At the end of the day I remember Jay saying thats the first 540 whip that he had pulled at a contest.

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Jordan Hango // Fit Bike Co // Fall 2017

We’re big fans of Hango and his new part for Fit shows you why.

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T.GIF // Derek Oriee

Derick Orrie // Flatland // Freestylin' // July 1989 // Photo: B. McGinn

Derek Oriee // Freestylin’ // July 1989 // Photo: B. McGinn

Make sure to check out some of the other rad flatland content Paul posted up last week including:

Leif Valin // Balancing Act 1997 // Video and Quick Interview

Chase Gouin // Chasing the View Off the Cliff // Video Part

In The Raw // Pro Flat // BS Contest #1 Dallas, TX // 1992

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In The Raw // Pro Flat // BS Contest #1 Dallas, TX // 1992

Today we wrap up our unofficial flatland week with this raw footage from the very first BS Contest at Jeff Phillips’ Skatepark in Dallas, Texas.  Flashback to January 1992 and check out some super-dope runs from McCoy, Chase Gouin, Steve Roy, Bill Nitchske, Jason Brown (RIP), and Jesse Puente.

Video by Cullen McMorrow
Edited by Paul Covey

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Leif Valin // Balancing Act 1997 // Video and Quick Interview

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re doing a flatland theme this week. Today we have Leif Valin’s superb section from Balancing Act and a short interview with the man himself.  Leif and I met in January 1992, not long after his well deserved Bio was printed in the pages of GO: The Riders Manual. Every encounter I’ve had with him since then has been memorable. He rules on anything with two wheels, and if you’ve followed his life at all, you know he’s a rad dude.  Check out the video and then click here to read the interview. CHECK OUT MORE »

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