Goods BMX // BMX Museum // SOS Classic // Vancouver, WA // Gallery 1

Tristan & Truman // 2017 // Goods BMX // SOS Jam // Photo: Tony Archibeque

It’s that time of year where my shop Goods BMX & BMX Museum get together and throw our end of summer jam called the SOS Classic. Each year we have a skatepark jam and a vintage show side by side so that each generation of riders can appreciate what is going on now or what has taken place in BMX.

James Van De kamp, Tristan, Truman, Wild Card, Chase Lightner & some unidentified riders are ripping in this gallery.
We will be posting up a few different galleries from the event since we were lucky enough to have some talented friends there helping us cover it.

First up is Tony Archibeque Jr. who has been a staple in NW scene forever and is a treat behind the lens!


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Tim ‘Fuzzy’ Hall & TJ Lavin // Dig 25 // 2002

This part is from the video ‘Dig 25’ that dropped in 2002. This was one of those weird midschool videos that you never knew who made it or why. Most of these videos were totally cringe worthy (I’m looking at you Nacho’s!) but this one actually has a decent vibe to it.
Some awesome shots of Fuzz and TJ shredding the backyard trails on some extremely heavy looking bikes!

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More Books // Tabletop!!! The Book

The way Tabletop!!! the book happened was, I was going through a bunch of High-Rez BMX scans I had, and realized well over half of them were riders doing tabletops. A light bulb went off in my head. How about a coffee table photo book of all tabletops! I searched around for printers, and people online talked very highly of Adoramapix, for high quality of printing, and the fact they use real photo paper. When the first 12″x12″ book arrived, I was totally blown away by the quality. I was a little put off by the fact that it cost $80 to print, but a friend recently pointed out that with 21 photos, some a big as 12″x24”, it was less than $4 a photo. It was really fun to make, and I just wanted to share all the photos again with everyone that was there in the 90’s and 2000’s. They know how amazing of an era it was! I have lots more tabletop photos, and try to post a few a week on instagram: @tabletopthebook

To view a virtual copy and/or purchase the book, click this link:
Use reference code: 7234098 when you sign up for a discount!

Thanks-Ike Taylor


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Pre Launch // Wall To Wall // The Birth of The Freestyle Movement

Brian Blyther // Air // 2017 // Photo: Dean Dickinson Brian Blyther

I recently just got back to Portland from a three week California adventure. During my Southern Cali stay I had the pleasure of checking out the pre book launch for Wall To Wall: The Birth of The Freestyle Movement at the Vans Skatepark in Huntington Beach, CA.

Blood, sweat, and tears went into the The Birth of The Freestyle Movement and thanks to Dominic Phipps and Xavier Mendez for archiving these stories and for giving me an exclusive preview of this BMX masterpiece. 240 pages packed into a tangible hard copy book featuring exclusive interviews and photographs documenting the birth of freestyle. From trick-riding in the late 1970s to pool shredding in the late 1980s.

Wall To Wall: The Birth of The Freestyle Movement is a must have! For more information on the project check out:

Write-Up and Photos By: Dean Dickinson

Brian Blyther // Wall To Wall Freestyle Book
Brian Blyther


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Un-Bike Check // Ron Wilkerson // 2-Hip Pork

Ron Wilkerson // St. Johns Skatepark // 2-Hip Pork

Ron’s bike setups have been something I have payed attention to since I started riding. After getting to know Ron some I can tell you I think all he cares about is that his tires are rock hard and his bike feels fast! I handed him my tire pump before a session at Pier park here in Portland and he started pumping away, he never stopped pumping. After I gave him a a few sideways looks I preceded to ask him how much pressure he was squeezing in those Intense 1.95 micro nob race tires. He looked at me and said 130psi and calmly went back to filling his tires. Ron’s bikes have always been ones that stand out from the crowd and this bright purple 2-Hip pork is no exception.

So next time you ride do it with the confidence that Ron has when he is pumping his tires up to 130 on his bright purple Pork!


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Wall To Wall // The Birth of the Freestyle Movement


We are really excited for The Birth of Movement book launching this weekend following the Vans US Open,

Read the press release below, Check out our podcast with Dom Phipps here and order a copy of the book here. This book is going to be rad.

Bob Morales // Minnesota // 1982

Bend, Oregon, USA, July 25th 2017

In the early summer of 2016, Dominic Phipps and Xavier Mendez launched their “Wall to Wall” BMX Freestyle history project. Those following the W2W social media pages will already know that the centerpiece of the effort is a 240-page, hardcover history-book, titled, “The Birth of the Freestyle Movement.”

The project explores the origins and iconic early culture of the developing freestyle scene through the late 1970s and 80s. Dom and Xavier have been sharing regular updates and plenty of previously unseen imagery on their social media pages and the project quickly found a committed audience of fans, riders, and industry folks from all around the globe. Presented in the style of an oral history, the book revolves around several chapters dedicated to the milestones of the era. Phipps engaged and interviewed an impressive group of ex pro-riders, journalists, industry pioneers, photographers, contest promoters, and start-up entrepreneurs, to gather the content. The result is a philosophical and often intimate account of an era that saw BMX Freestyle become a global youth phenomenon.


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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1997 Rigid Cycles

1997 // Rigid Cycles // Flatland Frame

I was pretty excited to see that someone finally uploaded a Rigid to BMX Museum. This one looks like it’s straight out of the late 90’s.

If anyone has one of the Rigid park/street hit us up here or upload it to the Museum.

Read more about the bike and check out more photos over at BMX Museum.

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Canadian Cancer Dust // There’s Still Something Sticking In My Eye

Corey Walsh

I haven’t thought about the 90’s pop punk band NOFX in years but after getting a buttload of Canadian Cancer Dust lodged in my eyes all the familiar tracks started to come back…

The White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean album was my street riding anthem. Growing up in The Couve (Vancouver, WA) with my Moron Bros Spencer and Austin McCabe we’d listen to the album and ride street. Those were some of the best years of my life. Jammin’ out to NOFX, drinking Jones Soda, going to shows, and riding street. “I’ve Got The Straight Edge” was our PMA.

Recently, I made my way to Canada to shred some pools with the Vancouver locals. During my stay I hooked up with Corey Walsh, Josh Zylstra, and Santi Martinez. Josh and Corey have been holding down the Canadian Pool Service for a couple years now in North Van and I’m really hyped on the scene that their building. Santi is from Switzerland and he’s currently traveling thru North American shredding any concrete structure that comes his way.


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16 Min. @ 16mm. // Dave Mirra & Ryan Nyquist // 2000

I have been sitting on this video for a little and I’m pretty sure most people have not seen it since I think it was made as a promotional item for Adidas when they had a BMX team in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. There is some awesome riding from a very young Nyquist and Mirra in his absolute prime!

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S&M Bikes 30th Anniversary Party // Photo Gallery

S&M Bikes 30th Anniversary Party

June 10th & 11th marked the party for the S&M 30th anniversary party. I drove down in hopes of making a fun video for the site but once I got to the venue I realized that was not happening. Sue to the fact that it was being held at a motocross track and it was so damn loud anything I wanted to ask someone would have been drowned out.

Here are some pics I snapped. I think the highlight of my weekend was meeting Dave Clymer. My inner 17 year old came out and I was super scared to say hi to the guy. Thats a good feeling when you have been around BMX as much as I have.

Take a peek at the gallery and maybe on the 40th anniversary i can get that video together!


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