Back in the ’80s, this San Francisco Coffee Roaster was a BMX Star

Here’s a link to a pretty cool article about Rich Avella, original member of the 2Hip Trick Team, who is now co-owner of a growing coffee company in San Francisco.  Newspaper style articles are usually kind of weak, but this one is quite thorough and well done.  In a strange coincidence, the article was written by a guy named Kevin Jones.  Not THE Kevin Jones, but still . . . Check out the article here.  You can also read more about Rich in the Wall to Wall book – The Birth of the BMX Freestyle Movement, available here!

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The Birth Of The BMX Freestyle Movement // 2nd Edition Book Launch

This is going down this weekend, May 25th in San Diego! Come out and grab a book and meet up with some serious BMX royalty & history makers! If you can’t make it and you want to buy a book hit this link right here.
I got a sneak peak of the book the other day and could not believe how thick it was and how much different it was with expanded articles and all new chapters! Grab one of these you won’t be disappointed!

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Chester Blacksmith // Insight // 2008

Up today, a rad section featuring one of my favorite riders to watch from the Pacific Northwest – Chester Blacksmith – and his part from Ride BMX’s 2008 DVD, Insight.

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James Shepherd // Homeless 3 // Highway To Hell // 1992

James Shepherd is definitely one of the early 90’s riders that ushered in a new way to ride street. He definitely puts those thread on GT pegs to work in this! Sit back and watch one the best go to work!

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Lee Sultemeier // Homeless 3 // Highway To Hell // 1992

Lee’s “Highway To Hell” part is a real nice mix of San Diego and Texas riding mixed all up into one. I really love the pool clips in this part like the little rock fakie’s in the corner and that Rubenesque carve maybe 20 years before Ruben started making them popular! Lee’s Riding was always raw and that is what always got me stoked!

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Jeff Harris // Homeless 3 // Highway To Hell // 1992

Jeff Harris comes through with that short but sweet part! I love seeing him do tricks that look like they should be done in the mid to late 90’s on a late 80’s Haro. It’s such a wild contrast.
Jeff definitely is one of the most talented riders to come out of Texas!

After you watch Jeff’s section check out this story/photos by Paul from the time he got to ride Jeff’s warehouse back in 1991 here.

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Closing Section & Credits // Dirt Bros Cheese // 1994

Opening with Vic Murphy’s sick one-footed table and “A New Level” by Pantera, the final section in Dirt Bros Cheese should inspire you to go for a nice, long bike ride on this fine spring day.  Riders include: Vic, Lee Sultemeier, Chad Herrington, Brad Blanchard, Sean Yarroll, Aaron Krueger, Manuel De La Cruz, Tony “The Panther” Skojack,  Ken Hale, Fred Ansfield, Dave Voelker, Ronnie Farmer, Dave Young, Dana Czek, Jerry Broderick, Tony Roberts, Brent Linder, and more.  Enjoy!!  Video by Fred Ansfield.

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Chase Gouin // Homeless 3 // Highway To Hell // 1992

Chase killing it while riding to Public Enemy?! Sign me up! Sounds like the perfect combo of early 90’s perfection!

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Moon Babes of Bicycle City Bike Club Kit Preorder

Mike Daily has been working on this project for a bit and I wanted to help bring some light to it! Mike has headed project’s from “Aggro Mag” to being the editor of ‘Go,The Riders Manual”.

This project is a fictional story that Mike has written along with some awesome extra goodies! I’m really not sure how Mike got the model car replicas made from the car that was used in the first 2-Hip Meet the Street Contest. He got it spot on!!! I love seeing projects like this so head over and preorder one!!!


Click below for more info on how you can get your hands on Mike’s new project

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Ruben Castillo // Homeless 3 // Highway To Hell // 1992

In the early 90’s Ruben was an all terrain machine! Flat, ramps, Street. He did it all! That beat up Skyway Street Beat with all of his GT parts on it looks perfect!
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