Taj Mihelich // An Archive Of A Legend // Ride BMX

Taj Mihelich // Tabletop // Ride BMX // Issue 22 // June-July 1996

On Monday May 1s the folks over at Ride BMX and Chris Rye from Props will be releasing a video project Taj Mihelich // Life after pro. In honor of this Ride posted up some classic photos from the pages of ride.

You can check out the gallery here.

You can watch the teaser for Taj Mihelich // Life after pro here.

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Sprocket Pocket Overload!

This is pretty rad, Shadow rider Eric Bahlman kind of recreates the original Havoc Sprocket ad that came out around 1990. Both ads are a fun watch and the Havoc ad is packed full of legends.

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Ben “Twin Finn” McEwen // Blueprint // 2001

I remember filming with Ben for this video and he was on it. He was riding at such a high level at this time that almost everything we filmed he did first or second try. Ben has always had an awesome way he goes at coming up with a new combo or on how he approaches a spot. Ben worked hard for the last spot in the video and i think it definitely shows especially with the bangers he throws down.
Also im pretty sure this section has the first smith to barspin ever done.

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Sunrise Pala Session // Ratty Maty & Gary Young Go Nuts!

Damn. This vide the guys over at Ride just posted made me want to go ride! Ratty Maty & Gary young definetly put in work.Some epic moves. Everyone at the session looks like they are having fun and killing it! Give this a watch!

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Gabe Kadmiri // The Time Trip

Your favorite flatlander’s favorite flatander, Gabe Kadmiri, bestows us with a brief glimpse of how challenging it is to create something new within (arguably) BMX’s most difficult discipline. Do yourself a favor today, and check out The Time Trip, a whopper to manual to time-machine on the pedal.
Filmed by my favorite Bavarian flatlander and fakie manual world record holder: Bene Phreim.

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Justin Inman // Blueprint // 2001

Justin’s first part was filmed while he was 17 & 18 and was the start of him dropping heavy parts for the next decade.

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Rebuilding A Beast // Limit Fabrications Jay Miron Replica Build

Photo by: Tim Wood Photo

A few months ago while I was browsing through instagram I noticed an interesting start of a frame on a jig that looked kind of familiar. I clicked on the page to see that someone was creating a modern version of Jay Miron’s signature Hoffman frame that never made it past being a sample before Jay left for Schwinn. I remember the buzz being around this frame at the time since Jay was literally destroying any obstacle you put in front of him. It didn’t hurt that it had a built in bottle opener too. The frame was a nice mix between the freestyle frames of the 80’s and where they were starting to go towards the late 90’s.

I have been loving all the retro styled modern frames coming out lately and this one is no exception! I reached out to Patrick Banks who built the bike to talk to him about the project and other things he has worked on! CHECK OUT MORE »

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Challenger BMX Magazine // Q&A with Zine Kingpin Nick Ferreira

This is not an in-depth interview with Nick Ferreira.  If you want to know more about Nick’s background, there are several excellent interviews with him online already.  My favorite ones are here, here, and here.  Today I wanted to briefly talk with Nick about his latest endeavor – Challenger BMX Magazine.


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UK Vert Series 2017 // Round 1 // Beast Rampz Manchester

Round 1 of the UK Vert series just went down and it looked like a great time! UK legend Dennis Wingham even comes damn close to landing a 900!

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Dave Mirra // Chasing the View off the Cliff // 1994

Super-excited to share this one! Hit play to see the G.O.A.T., Dave Mirra, put some major hurt on vert ramps, spines, back rails and box jumps aboard both Condor and Big Daddy frames.

To read more about Tony Marion and the video, Chasing the View off the Cliff, click here!

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