Cameron Birdwell // Podcast

Cameron Birdwell Podcast Cameron Birdwell Podcast

Early in Summer 2019 I sat down with Cameron Birdwell over at Oscar Gonzales’ house and we talked about how he grew up in the Norcal scene, riding with Ryan Nyquist and Chad Kagy when they all were young, his years riding for 2-Hip, his crazy tour life that covers 2-Hip tours and Warped tour, and his battles with addiction and how he brought himself back. I was so excited to hear what Cam had to say and I hope you all enjoy it!

Produced in collaboration with: Dig BMX

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PDXBMX-Files // #6 // 1999 // Chester Blacksmith,Lou Rajsich,Eugene Trails & More!

This episode has some awesome Portland street riding, Beaverton vert ramp, Eugene trails & a lot more packed into this one!

Ryan Evans, Chester Blacksmith, Justin Inman, Twin Finn, Shane Youngren, Daniel Randall, John Bristol, Ben Ward, Andrew Fulton, Lee Rajsich, Eric Jensen, Riley Peetz, Forrest Berkey, Brennan Britton, Mike Lund, Shad Johnson & More.

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PDXBMX-Files // #5 // 1999 // Lou Rajsich, Justin Inman, Darin Read, & More!

This video starts off with a Solame trail session with some NW heavies. Justin Inman, Darin Read, Chris Eimen, Derrick, Austin, Dante and more.

The end of video has some skatepark and street riding at the Silverton indoor park and Portland street. Lou Rajsich, Shad Johnson, Rich Hirsch, Ryan Evans, & Justin Inman round that out.

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Road to X-Games // Photo Gallery / Dean Dickinson

Dean Dickinson has been a busy man this summer traveling/riding up and down the Western United States. One of his many stops was in Boise, ID for the Road to X-Games quailifier. Click below to check out more photos Dean shot at the contest.


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NineNineZeroFour // Classic Mid School BMX // Video by Steev Bartholomew

Steev Bartholomew hit me up to let me know that he posted up his old video NineNineZeroFor. Give it a watch.

Filmed around 1999-2004 (but released in 2009) this video is full of riders and spots from all over.

Give it a watch.

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Roll The Dice // Nick Burnacci // Bingen, WA

Nick Burnacci // Tabletop // Bingen, WA Skatepark

Nick Burnacci // Bingen, WA // August 2019 // Photo: Shad Johnson

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Vans US Open Vert Demo

Dean Dickinson sent over some photos of Mat Hoffman and Dennis McCoy from the Vert Demo at last weekened US Open.

Click below to check out more photos of Mat & DMC shredding (as well as Larry Edgar blasting during the Rebel Jam High Air).


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Leigh Ramsdell // DK // Damn Kids // 1998

Leigh is definitely one of the best all around riders to have ever put it down. Im a sucker for parts that mix street & vert. I wish we could have gotten to see a full vert part from Leigh but until someone digs up some old tapes this part from DK’s Damn Kids will have to do!

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In Search Of Podcasts // Wall To Wall Freestyle

I had missed out on the Southern California Book release for the “Birth of the Freestyle Movement” and I was not about to miss another epic gathering for the Norcal release. After replacing the U-joint on my van the night before I was off and running towards Berkley, CA.

After a quick power nap outside of Lake Shasta I still made the starting time of 12 noon at Rich Avela’s coffee shop Highwire.


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Mike Ardelean // Mosh // 2008

Pretty sure this was Mike’s last video part. At the time I think this part and the others Mosh dropped at the same time were the first for a bigger company putting a video part out exclusively online.

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