Hobie Doan // No Spots // 2018

Hobies Doan just threw his new edit up on our YouTube and it’s seriously nuts.

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PDXBMX-Files // #1 // 2003

So I have hundreds of tapes and in those tapes I have a lot of footage that hasn’t been seen so occasionally I’m going to go through a tape and just post up the riding, B roll, and anything else that might seem interesting. I’m basically doing this for me so I have stuff to look back on but its always fun to share footage.

The first clips in this are of myself, Walter Pieringer, and his old roomate Mike riding Baldy fullpipe.

Next up are some Ryan Mills clips that I know I didn’t film but are on this tape so enjoy.

Nick Kirkland throws down a wild Fufanu at the Hood River bowl! This is still crazy.

Rich Hirsch was riding for Mosh at the time and had just started Lotek. If you look at him and I we both are wearing some of the first sample Loteks. He was shooting a interview for Ride UK at the time and beat the shit out of himself trying that overtooth in the old Portland metal full pipes!

Some quick clips of Forrest Berkey & I riding Churchill skatepark. Then that turns into me getting frustrated riding street.

Eddie Cleveland has a few clips in there from when he first started coming to Portland to ride with all of us.

Chester Blacksmith has some clips ripping a pool and that goes straight into us getting busy in the streets with a few clips from Ryan Worcester.

Bruce Crisman ends it with a gap to rail before his no pegs, Freecoaster days!

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Paul Buchanan Photo Pack // Dig BMX

`Paul Buchanan // Dig BMX // Photo Pack

Head over to Dig BMX to purchase a Paul Buchanan photo pack with 100% of the sale price will be donated to the Scottish Association for Mental Health (www.samh.org.uk)

“In memory of our friend and uniquely influential rider Paul Buchanan, we have a limited number of these exclusive ‘Paul Buchanan Photo Packs’ for sale, with all proceeds going to charity. Original artwork is by Paul himself, and all photography is by Ed Docherty, featuring some of Ed’s favourite images shot for DIG over the years, and more…”


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Monsters Of Suburban Highlife // Rampage Skatepark Contest // 1990

Rampage seemed like a skatepark ahead of its time for 1990! Lots of mini ramp and flatland in this one!

Perry Mervar, Bob Kohl, Jay Miron, & James Shepherd hold it down plus a ton of riders that I cant recognize. If you know who someone is please leave the name in the comments!!!

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Tread Magazine Issue 1 & 2 PDF’s.

Tread Magazine // Issue1 Issue2

Thanks to the guys at Props you can now download copies Issue 1 and Issue 2 of Tread Magazine.

I for one am psyched as I was only ever to find a copy of Issue 3 and Issue 4 back when the magazine was out.

This is perfect timing since Joe Doherty just did a podcast with Chris Hallman for his podcast The BMX In Our Blood.

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Monsters Of Suburban Highlife // Aquafest Vert Contest // Austin TX // 1990

Known as the contest with one of the worst vert ramps in history the crew still pulls some wild moves. A ramp that feels like a railroad track that has bad acne still wont stop some of these legends from getting down!

Featuring Steve Swope, Mat Hoffman, Dino Deluca, Eben Krakau, Beau Cobb, Steve Ornelius, Rick Thorne, Kevin Guiterrez, Jess Dyrenforth, & Dennis Mccoy.

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Monsters Of Suburban Highlife // Aquafest Street Contest // Austin TX // 1990

This contest is packed full of all your early 90’s Hero’s! I love the random clip of Spike Jonze 360ing a set of doubles!

Featuring Rick Thorne, Lee Sultemeier, Psycho, Mat Hoffman, Rock Moliterno, Pete Augustin, Mike Krnaich, Dave Parrick, Spike Jonze, Eben Krakau, Steve Swope, James Pritchard, Ruben Castillo, Dino Deluca, Jess Dyrenforth, Dennis McCoy and Vic Murphy.

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Monsters Of Suburban Highlife // Meet The Street // NYC // 1990

The 2-Hip Meet the Street contest that went down in NYC was legendary! Ron always had a nack for running contests with a super DIY ethos!

Featured riders include Ron Wilkerson, Pete Augustin, Craig Grasso, Dino Deluca, Ruben Castillo, Vic Murphy, Sean Leslie, Mark Eaton, & more!

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A Wicked Ride // The History of BMX Freestyle in New England

Now Online! Scott Moroney, Jeff Winston and Dennis Langlais worked on this documentary for a long time. Over 100 hours of video tape, DIY ethos, and a ton of interviews provide us with a quintessential history guide of the development of freestyle in New England, (which encompasses the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut).  It’s also the home of  names like Kevin Martin, Joe Johnson, Kevin Robinson, Kieran Chapman, Darren Pelio, Jared Souney, and Keith McElhinney, among many others. If you love BMX, this will strike a cord in your memory banks of being a kid on a bike in the 80s and 90s. RIP Kevin Robinson.

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Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla // Podcast

Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla // Podcast

For our latest DIG BMX X SNAKEBITE podcast I was super excited to sit down and talk BMX with long-time friend and legit legend, Mike ‘Rooftop’ Escamilla! We cover his early days, filming for his break out part in Dirty Deeds, the unspoken ’rules’ that crept into late 90’s riding, what it takes to film a video part, and so much more! If you know Mike you know he speaks openly and this episode pulls no punches. I think you’ll like this one!

Produced in collaboration with: Dig BMX

Subscribe to DIG BMX Podcasts on iTunes HERE

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