PDXBMX-Files // #1 // 2003

So I have hundreds of tapes and in those tapes I have a lot of footage that hasn’t been seen so occasionally I’m going to go through a tape and just post up the riding, B roll, and anything else that might seem interesting. I’m basically doing this for me so I have stuff to look back on but its always fun to share footage.

The first clips in this are of myself, Walter Pieringer, and his old roomate Mike riding Baldy fullpipe.

Next up are some Ryan Mills clips that I know I didn’t film but are on this tape so enjoy.

Nick Kirkland throws down a wild Fufanu at the Hood River bowl! This is still crazy.

Rich Hirsch was riding for Mosh at the time and had just started Lotek. If you look at him and I we both are wearing some of the first sample Loteks. He was shooting a interview for Ride UK at the time and beat the shit out of himself trying that overtooth in the old Portland metal full pipes!

Some quick clips of Forrest Berkey & I riding Churchill skatepark. Then that turns into me getting frustrated riding street.

Eddie Cleveland has a few clips in there from when he first started coming to Portland to ride with all of us.

Chester Blacksmith has some clips ripping a pool and that goes straight into us getting busy in the streets with a few clips from Ryan Worcester.

Bruce Crisman ends it with a gap to rail before his no pegs, Freecoaster days!

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