Pick It Apart #1 // Wilkerson Airlines Riot Frame & Fork


When I was going over ideas for this website I really wanted it to be very interactive. I want a site that you can comment in with your experiences and your stories. The “Pick It Apart” series I’m hoping does exactly that. Every so often I will post up ads and pictures of a certain thing, be it a part, a rider, a certain era. Pretty much anything for us to discuss.

First up is The Wilkerson Airlines Riot Frame & Fork set. Ron Wilkerson sends a fakie to the moon on his above!

I’m hoping to hear all of your opinions about the topic in comments section.


If you know me you know I am and have always been captivated by this bike. I remember seeing the first ad the bike had it all. The sharp angles of the frame design mad me feel like I was going to be riding the lamborghini Countach’s of BMX. The removable bashguard was new to BMX then and it seemed like the trickest thing ever on a bike. Of course I would keep mine on to punish any ledge that came my way. The graphics were not as edgy as Bully’s but it still had some bite to it!


To me this frame & fork was the perfect bike to take us into the 90’s.The start of overbuilt BMX frames with the proven Haro sport Geometry. I love the two WAL’s I owned. I even loved having my pegs down low on the forks.

Tell me on the comments why you loved or hated this frame and fork.


Bob Kohl hits a lookback over Ron W. doing a 540.


Ron W. getting his superman on.


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