Re Up // The Ron Wilkerson Podcast


From the minute I found out how bad it is transcribing an interview I knew I wanted to do a podcast instead. Last Thursday Bruce Crisman called me and said Ron Wilkerson was in town and I should come over and do a podcast. That was enough for me! I cruised over and we crammed into a room and just talked. Bruce and I talked to Ron about a bunch of things. Hot topics were why he changed the name Wilkerson Airlines to 2-Hip, how the 2-Hip team got kicked off of the Warped tour, the real origin of the Abubaca and numerous stories about the 2-Hip van and Kevin Martin blowing up engines!

This was our first podcast and I really had no time to prepare for this. I think it went over pretty well and I’m excited to do more in the future! If you guy’s here a few breaks in the interview it was just the few times we had to stop the tape due to Ron’s son Xander wanting to come in the room and hang with his dad for a bit and eat chips and salsa with us!

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