Road To X-Games // Boise, ID // Photo Gallery

The Road To X Games Boise, ID Park Qualifier was a hit! Heavy hitting park shredders from around the world battled it out for six open slots for X Games Minneapolis. The riding was top notch and the new Boise park was a perfect fit for all the festivities.

I made the trek from Portland to Boise Friday night. Thanks to Francis Delapena for putting me up and showing me around town. On Saturday morning I shot practice followed by park finals. The contest was hosted in the flow bowl. I was a little bummed to see the vert section closed off but logistically I totally understand the cities standpoint to closed down a 14ft bowl. Obviously the riding was insane but the overall vibe between the riders, judges, production crew, and spectators was AWESOME!

The icing on the cake for me was getting exclusive access to ride the closed down vert bowl thanks to the local police department. Shortly after hoping the fence with a solo green light to shred, I called over Mat Hoffman, Corey Walsh, and Drew Bezanson to join in. We all had a blast and the Boise Police Department cheered us on, STOKED! Looking forward to visiting the park again soon. Special thanks to Brian Tunney, Sharon Bauer, Ms. Grace Coryell, April Mays, and Mat Hoffman for having me out. Hope you enjoy the photos…

Words and Photos by Dean Dickinson

Road To X-Games
Men’s BMX Park Finals

1. Nick Bruce
2. Daniel Sandoval
3. Kevin Pedraza
4. Mike Varga
5. Colton Walker
6. Pat Casey
7. Gary Young
8. Kenneth Tencio
9. Drew Bezanson
10. Kostya Andreev
11. Ben Wallace
12. Jason Watts

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