Road to X-Games // Photo Gallery / Dean Dickinson

Dean Dickinson has been a busy man this summer traveling/riding up and down the Western United States. One of his many stops was in Boise, ID for the Road to X-Games quailifier. Click below to check out more photos Dean shot at the contest.

All Photos By Dean Dickinson

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2 Responses to Road to X-Games // Photo Gallery / Dean Dickinson

  1. After Watching X-Games Qualifiers I knew I needed to get a bike again and get back into it no matter how old… then digging through some videos I found the classic “Shred Boner” from GOODS which then made me think of “Team Schralp” which made me think of Shad, Chet, Vince ect. and all the amazing riding that has gone down in PDX/Vantucky over the years – so glad to see these pix from Dean and all this stuff on snakebitebmx ! \m/ \m/

  2. Gary says:

    Some awesome pictures…What an amazing park too!! glad Boise finally has a place like this to ride!!

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