Same Old Scene // A Video Loosely Centered around BMX & Skate in San Diego, CA

A video loosely centered around the BMX and skate scene in San Diego, CA.  Here are a bunch of clips that I’ve been collecting for quite some time now.  Hope you like it!

Featured Riders and Skaters:  John Stafford, Dominique Harris, Parker Heath, Matty Stockton, Sean Yarroll, Matt Coplon, Alex Jumelin, Jeremy Garcia, Matthias Dandois, Dustin Orem, David Clay, John Andrus, Webb Guy, Cody Sanders, Dave White, Justin Waterloo, Mike Montgomery, Alex Stokes, Roman Zapata, Beaver Fleming, Joey Cordova, Kenny Nguyen, Steve Woodward, Tyler Crocket, Austin Macintosh, Jeremiah Miller, and more.

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