Scott Fluker // BMX Miniatures

How did you get into Bmx?

My father bought me my first BMX in about 1980. It was a Healing HMX 500. I raced for years locally as well as National events in New Zealand with some sponsorship support from a local building company. I had a quarter pipe in my backyard that was salvaged from some skateboarders, 6ft transition and 2ft vert. Loved that thing, rode it til dark every day after school.

How was New Zealand’s scene back then? I imagine it was fairly small?

Absolutely! The whole country had a population of around 3.5 million and I lived in a town of about 30 thousand. The people in the sport were still very passionate about it. Our local track looked like the tracks of the day in the US with car tyres marking corners and loose and rough dirt . Tyres were always something that were pretty average until the Comp III came out . They were the coolest thing going for a while there until
The Carlisle Aggressor came out. A big fat blackwall with a square profile and tall spiked tread. Awesome front tyes that the US pro’s were running and for good reason, they hooked up.

Who doesn’t love a compIII!? When did you start riding and are you still cruising?

I raced a Supergoose in the early 80s and recently bought one in pretty mint condition as well as my ’81 PK ripper (a bike that I drooled over in the 80s , but never owned until now)

From racing BMX I moved to moto then Enduro then road bikes through my late teens early twenties until MTBs started getting popular.

Rad! So I noticed your Bmx frame miniatures a while back and it just seemed so crazy to me since they were so small. Can you tell me more about how you got into this and does it have a name?

I work for a company repairing spectacles and use a laser welder, very cool piece of equipment. They had a spare one at work so it was relocated to my workshop at home. The perfect tool for fabricating miniature pieces. I have a passion for anything 2 wheels and dirt but BMX is my roots and I just love creating replicas of the coolest frames of the 80s.

I never built the frames as a way to make some extra cash, it is all about creating something that I am really passionate about. Everyone wants one but they don’t want to pay what I think they’re worth. There is about 5-10 hours in them depending on the difficulty. For now im just collecting them which is fine by me, the coolest trinkets I own.

What frames have you done so far?? That sounds like a crazy amount of work that goes into it! What was the hardest frame so far?

This was about 10 or so hours, GT LTS. With the working Rockshox fork. It is now the property of Hans Rey, MTB legend and hall of famer.

I’ve built a few looptail PK rippers, looptail Quadangle, 5 or so GT MTBs, Works BMX, Bully skidplate freestyler, Hutch freestyler , Torker, Redline . And a few unfinished projects.

Seriously these things blow my mind! That’s rad Hans Rey got that one! You have any future frames you would like to build? Are there some that might be impossible to build?

Nothing’s impossible, but I love replicating minute details like the little tab behind the seat tube on the Bully or the rocker mechanism on the RTS. Those are cool to do and cannot be done with anything but a laser welder. Other frames ? Definitely some of the mid school freestyle frames like Hoffman , 2Hip, Mutiny. Anything with fat tubes and gussets ate cool to make.

Ohhh I’d love to see a Wilkerson airlines!!

I guess we can finish this up. So you said as of right now your not selling any or would you like to include a contact Incase someone was interested?

Yeah, all the frames I’ve got here are for sale, I’m not taking orders right now so what I have is it. You wouldn’t believe the amount of inquiries I get , guys are so keen but when it comes to handing over the cash, everything goes very quiet. I dont mind , its not a cash grab for me , I just love building stuff and I have a real passion for old school BMX. I’ll send a pic of the frames I’ve got here for sale. I’ll sell them for $100US shipped worldwide with tracking and insurance and tracking each. $150 seemed too much , see what happens

They can just dm me through instagram @northkona.rc. Cheers.

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