Scott Hagnas // Flatland At 50 Years Old

Here’s an edit I put together this fall, following my 50th birthday. I rode from 1982 to 2007 very consistently, but by 2008 my elbows were in chronic pain from riding. Also, I got married and started my own business, so I ended up in a period of semi-retirement from BMX. I still rode between 2008-2015, but only like once every two or three months. All the time off the bike didn’t help the elbows at all, and no doctor or therapist had the answer either.
As I own a training facility, I spent my time pursuing other physical goals like improving my movement ability, strength, and conditioning. I finally solved the riddle of my elbow pain in 2015 and re-dedicated myself to the bike in spring of 2016. I am so thankful to still have fun riding and learning new things. This edit is all of either things I learned new this year, or a new spin on something I did in the past. There are a few works in progress in here also, but I wanted to get it done and onward to 2017!
-Scott Hagnas

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