Scott Hagnas // Flatland At 51 // 2017 Edit

This was actually one of the more fun years I’ve had on my bike. Nearly everything in the video is something I learned new this year, plus there’s a little silliness just for fun. The Romano replica makes a brief appearance also. So thankful to still be able to have so much fun on the bike after all these years!

Scott Hagnas

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4 Responses to Scott Hagnas // Flatland At 51 // 2017 Edit

  1. Jesse says:

    Peg wheeling I should say…..

  2. Jesse says:

    WOW. So many good tricks in this, my favorite being the steamroller thing to undertaker, that was INSANE!!!!

  3. Wade says:

    There are about 25 things that I was truly psyched on in this!

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