Shola // Bonus Sections

In the next week or so we will be posting up parts from Bruce Crisman’s 2008 video Shola. We are going to start with the bonus sections that are packed full of good riding! Here is What Bruce had to say.

“With two “Friends Sections” included in the full length Shola video there was still enough footage left over for two “Bonus Friends Sections”. This particular section includes spots from London UK, Salem, Tacoma, Seattle, San Diego and Portland Oregon.
Featuring Paul Kitner, Redline Kid, Ryan Paulson, Caleb Quanbeck, Jesse Whaley, Ilya Pasumanski, Ben Hucke, James Hitchcox, Montana Ricky, Hoang Tran, Pauly Pirate, BFC, Vince Kroff, Brad Simms, & many more!” -Bruce Crisman

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