Stray Bikes // 2-Hip King Of Undervert // Indianapolis, Indiana // 1990

One of the first mini ramp contests to ever happen. Lots of names you’ll recognize and some wild moves! The stand out to me though is Jay Miron grinding from ramp to ramp across the handrail and jumping that whole distance while doing a rocket air all on a Hutch Trickstar!

If you have anymore info on the contest or were there please leave a comment!

Featuring Pat Miller, Chris Moeller, Eben Krakau, James Shepard, Bill Nitchke, Mark Kriunchyk, Mark Murphy, Chris Potts, Danny Schow, Dennis McCoy, Rick Moliterno, Bob Kohl, Ron Wilkerson, Jay Miron, & Mat Hoffman.

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One Response to Stray Bikes // 2-Hip King Of Undervert // Indianapolis, Indiana // 1990

  1. Kevin Gage says:

    Me and my friend Mark drove down there from Michigan. It was a blast to see this in person. Thanks for this. I had a hard time viewing from the crowd. My buddy filmed a lot of it to VHS. I turned into a disc a year or so back and gave a copy to Hoffman when he made an appearance at Albe’s bike shop here. The mini ramp footage is weak but here is a sample of the last vert runs. There was another guy right next to us filming so they look similar on youtube. I assure you we filmed this. I have the original vhs still. It doesn’t look like the links are good. It’s titled “King of Vert 7-15-90” on youtube.

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