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Tricked Out Tuesday // 2002 Terrible One Barcode Titanium

This weeks Tricked Out Ti’s-day is the infamous Terrible One Titanium Barcode that Taj Mihelich tested out back in 2002. Read more about the bike and check out more photos over at BMX Museum.

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Justin Inman // 411 Rookies Bio // 2002

411 was a skateboard video mag that tried competing with Props back in the early 2000’s which didnt last long. Here is a Justin Inman bio that came out not to long after his full part dropped in Blueprint. Give … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Credits // Salvation Video // 2002

The credits to the Salvation video. This part has a great chill vibe that shows that good vibe in the Portland scene at this time.

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Friends Section // Salvation Video // 2002

The friends part of the Salvation video is packed with a lot of NW staples & a few skate homies. Riders featured are Dustin Anderson, Justin Inman, Tyler Brown, Seyi Sosonya, Antonio Trevino, Dan Hamlet, Andy Merrall, Shad Johnson, Ken … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Seth Kimbrough // Salvation Video // 2002

Seth comes though with last part of the Salvation video. Always tech and always making the most out of a spot. Seth comes through as always! The last two moves are nuts for the time!

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Rich Hirsch // Salvation Video // 2002

Rich’s part in the Salvation video that was released in 2002. This was right when Rich got on Mosh and right before he started Lotek.

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Mike Ardelean // Salvation Video // 2002

We are going to keep it running with part’s from the Salvation video. Tonight’s pic is the ever stylish Mike Ardelean.

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Matt Puorro // Salvation Video // 2002

Matt’s part from the 2002 Salvation video. Most of this is filmed in the Portland, Or area. Matt definitely helped push pegless riding in this section. His banger of a pegless tooth in a pool is still so gnarly on … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Bruce Crisman // Salvation Video // 2002

Bruce Crisman’s part from the Salvation video in 2002. This was after Bruce won the X-games and right before he switched to riding a freecoaster. If you look close there is one coaster clip in this section. I’m so happy … CHECK OUT MORE »

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