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Scott Fluker // BMX Miniatures

How did you get into Bmx? My father bought me my first BMX in about 1980. It was a Healing HMX 500. I raced for years locally as well as National events in New Zealand with some sponsorship support from … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Credits & Bonus // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

Here is the last part of the Bully vid. Its kinda a bonus/wreck part that rolls in to the credits. All in all there is still some pretty rad stuff in here.

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Jon Byers // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

As the decade of Vert dominance of the 80’s rolled to an end Jon Byers was boosting as the vert ramps were disappearing and being chopped down to mini ramps. Jon’s pump on ramp is magic and i’m always bummed … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Friends Section // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

Pete Augustin, Rich Bartlett, Chris Day, & a few others shred in this friends section. This is worth the watch just for Chris Day’s lipslide 180.

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Danny Skow & Mike Krnaich // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

Danny Skow & Mike Krnaich argue over music and road trips while they rip some dirt, ramps & an awesome miniature golf course! Two Norcal OG’s right here!

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Mike Dominguez // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

Mike Dominguez still has it in this. It definitely looks like he filmed this all in a day but he still has that pump. What more can you expect from one of the godfathers of BMX. Mike looks like he … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Mark Kriunchyk // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

Mark starts of the part by riding street and putting his bashguard to work. Next up RL walks us thru the Bully warehouse and stops when he gets to the miniramp while Mark puts in work! That ramp looks so … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Dirt Bros // Bully Slow Ride // 1990

Although the Bully video did not live up to the hype that the company was generating at the time it still was packed with an all star line up. It really feels like they filmed the whole video in a … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1996 Bully Hotrod

We were talking about the Bully Hotrod early tonight so it seems only fitting that it’s this weeks Tricked Out Tuesday. What are thoughts and stories about this bike? It seemed like back in the day there was always someone … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1990 Bully II

As much as we love bashguards we still have a soft spot for Bully II’s. Check out more photos of this bike over at BMX Museum.

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