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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1997 Rigid Cycles

I was pretty excited to see that someone finally uploaded a Rigid to BMX Museum. This one looks like it’s straight out of the late 90’s. If anyone has one of the Rigid park/street hit us up here or upload … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Gabe Kadmiri // The Time Trip

Your favorite flatlander’s favorite flatander, Gabe Kadmiri, bestows us with a brief glimpse of how challenging it is to create something new within (arguably) BMX’s most difficult discipline. Do yourself a favor today, and check out The Time Trip, a whopper … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Krys Dauchy // BMX X-Tremes // 1988

I was trying to upload this full video but my VHS copy is trashed. There are a few parts in it though that were salvageable and this short Krys Dauchy part was one of them. Krys is definitely a pioneer … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Dennis McCoy // Six-tuple Hang Glider

In this 6th episode of Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin’s fun how-to series, they invite Dennis McCoy to teach the boomerang and share a little history about the trick. The archived footage of Dennis doing six, no-touch boomerangs is sick! Filmed … CHECK OUT MORE »

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R.I.P. Prince

We are saddened to hear about the passing of Prince today. Prince was such a talented musician and i gotta thank the man for all the babes in his videos. That definitely was my favorite thing when i was younger. … CHECK OUT MORE »

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One Love Jam 2016 // Freestylin’ at Newport Beach

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John Yull // Finale

John Yull wraps up the year with this crazy video. Give it a watch.

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Trevor Meyer Podcast

Photo: Micah Kranz In this episode we catch with Trevor while he is on tour and with a little help from Micah Kranz & Chris Morse we talk about painting Prince’s house, life on the road, why he always rides … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Let Me Ride // Wulfran Laine

wulfran laine : "let me ride" by Wulfran_Laine Wulfran Laine killing it in Paris with his late 80’s/ early 90s style on a 88 Haro Sport in 2015.

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Kevin Jones // Dorkin’ 10

First off I’m all sure we can all agree that Kevin Jones is one of the best to ever do it. Though the real reason I wanted to post this video is that it shows a lot of Kevin’s riding … CHECK OUT MORE »

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