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Mike Dominguez Making 1985 Look good.

Damn that Hutch Mike is riding looks so good! So many moves that were way ahead of the time going on right here! Tailtaps, 540’s, no foot can’s, and some very high airs! The video has some modern rap music … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Bully Slow Ride // 1990

WHat can i say about the Bully Slow Ride video. It looks like RL had some weird video production company put it together. And I don’t mean that in a good way. But there is a good side to this … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Hand In Glove // Brian Blyther & Mike Dominguez Interview // 1988

Mike Dominguez // Brian Blyther // November 1988 Freestylin'

Brian Blyther & Mike Dominguez were at the top of the BMX world in 1988. Big sponsors and even bigger airs! Spike Jonze sat sat down with these two to get the dirt in the Novermber 1988 issue of Freestylin’.

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Vision Street Wear // Freestyling Fanatics // 1988

This has everything and everyone you would want in a video from 1988. The production and filming is top notch and it plays kinda like an old magazine TV show. There are a few corny aspects but all in all … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Summer Solstice.

Just a reminder that today is the longest day of the year and summer is in full swing! So get out there and get some riding in! Since summer is a great time to spend with friends I thought it … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Mike Dominguez Joins The Haro Legends Team.

It’s always a good day when you can get to see some new Mike Dominguez footage! I’m really excited with what Haro has been doing lately and now their Legend’s team is growing. This video runs thru a day with … CHECK OUT MORE »

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