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The Birth Of The BMX Freestyle Movement // 2nd Edition Book Launch

This is going down this weekend, May 25th in San Diego! Come out and grab a book and meet up with some serious BMX royalty & history makers! If you can’t make it and you want to buy a book … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Pick It Apart // What School Are You? A Conversation On The Era’s Of BMX.

Mat Hoffman So I wanted to open a conversation about the titles we give each generation of BMX. I know it really doesn’t matter in the long run but I am a BMX nerd and I like to go over … CHECK OUT MORE »

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BMX Plus // Freestyle’s Raddest Tricks // 1985

I would like to think that this is probably one of the first five Freestyle BMX videos ever made. Put together by BMX Plus!, An intro narration by Bob Haro who everyone thought was old and just a business guy … CHECK OUT MORE »

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T.GIF // Dave Nourie

Dave Nourie doing a Vander Roll from the January 1990 BMX Plus. Be sure to check out the bike check and interview we did with Dave a little ago here.

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Bike Check // Dave Nourie // Haro Freestyler 30th Anniversary

Dave Nourie Haro Freestyler 30th Anniversary

Dave was recently in Portland for a weekend and I met up with him one morning to talk about bikes, traveling, and his love for shows. Dave may ride more than most people half his age and I think its … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Tricked Out Tuesday // 1988 Hutch Trick Star II

I don’t know why I love the Hutch Trickstar 2 so much but I can’t help it! Somehow Chris Potts made this bike look good when he was floating sideways on a vert ramp! Go to BMX Museum and check … CHECK OUT MORE »

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