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Un-Bike Check // Ron Wilkerson // 2-Hip Pork

Ron’s bike setups have been something I have payed attention to since I started riding. After getting to know Ron some I can tell you I think all he cares about is that his tires are rock hard and his … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Getting Loose With Lee // The Dean Dickinson Interview

Photo: Jason Enns When Dean was 14 I caught him at the local indoor park riding the wood bowl by himself taking runs like he was in an empty pool. I thought it was one of the weirdest things ever. … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Atlantis Vancouver in Portland

The dudes from Atlantis Vancouver came down here to Portland in late August for the Cascadia Jam and spent a few extra days shredding Portland.

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Burnside Handoff

Any rider who has picked up a shovel, gripped a hammer, or spent time looking over fences for a at least partially emptied pool can attest to the unspoken rules of “respect the efforts of others” and “no help, no … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Diggy // Park Day

I’ve been riding with Diggy since he was a young guy and it’s awesome seeing him grow as a rider! He just got on Stranger in the past few months and he just dropped this fun day edit and Glenhaven … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Portland BMX // 1976

This video made me so proud do be from Oregon and live in Portland. This city has always had a rich BMX history and its exciting to me to see what BMX was like the year i was born. The … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Under The Influence // Riding Opposite // Part 2

Sorry, I just realized it’s been over two months since my “Under the Influences” post. Time goes by way too quick the older I get. With that lets get started on what will be the continuation of my first post, … CHECK OUT MORE »

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2015 SOS Classic // Photo Gallery

That time has came and gone again. This was the second year that myself and Gary over at BMX Museum put on the the SOS Classic. We have tried making this event for all generations of BMX. From the Vintage … CHECK OUT MORE »

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Team Shralp // Ten Year Jam

Dean Dickinson & the team shralp guys celebrated 10 years of throwing jams with this latest one in Portland Or.

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Lou Rajsich // Blueprint

Well I finally have dug up the master copy of Blueprint. I am going to start posting all the parts online with interviews of the riders. Lou is the only guy who had a full part that we are not … CHECK OUT MORE »

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