Taj’s Amazing Moments in Bicycle History Episode 1 – Jay Miron: A Story of Willpower

Taj just posted up this cool story/cartoon over on his YouTube channel

“I have been blessed to ride with a number of the world’s most amazing bike riders. They tend to have very different takes on riding and what they are trying to accomplish. One thing they seem to have in common is a drive to test their resolve. Their skills have reached such a high level that I think the real challenge for them is being able to follow through with what their mind knows they are capable of. Their ability to clear their minds of fear and self-doubt allow them to consistently perform at a level the rest of us might only touch once in a blue moon. It isn’t just some gift they are born with, they work for it, and they work hard. When there’s something they want to do and the voice inside tells them that they can (probably) do it, they focus everything on making it happen. The legendary Jay Miron stand’s above the rest at this skill and so this silly cartoon is intended to be a tribute to his determination and something we can all hopefully find inspiration in.”

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