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We up with the legendary OG UK vert shredder Lee Reynolds and sat outside his shop ‘Hunt & Gather’ in San Diego to talk all things Old School BMX and beyond. We covered the US So Cal ‘British Invasion’ of UK BMX riders in the late 80’s, his years on Haro, the Enchanted Ramp, working for for Fox in the late 90’s and how an injury helped him become a successful DJ. Enjoy and be sure to let us know in the comments who you’d like to see interviewed in the future.

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3 Responses to The Lee Reynolds Podcast

  1. Darren Hough says:

    Great podcast! Very underrated rider. His can-can photo on the Enchanted Ramp for the Freestylin’ subscription ad is one of my all time favorites.

  2. D says:

    That story about Lee getting kicked off Hutch is hilarious. I would’ve considered it a favor, having to ride a Trick Star II was more of a punishment anyway. Ron S. always seemed like such a uptight dick, I could remember reading his solemn “expectations of sponsored riders” in BMX Plus! when I was maybe 12 and even then I thought, “man, I wouldn’t want to work for this guy.” He seemed about as much fun as hanging out with your pissed off, disheveled, twice divorced,middle school vice principle. If riding was dealing with that guy, I would’ve rather have been in math class.

    The image that the BMX industry and media were trying to portray in the 80’s (that all these teenage and early 20’s pro riders, a lot of whom had huge amounts of money and fame for doing something they would’ve done for free anyway, were all sober, celibate, never swore or drove too fast, etc.) was so hilarious and hypocritical.

    What were Ron Stebenne’s connections to BMX anyway, why/how was he put in charge of the team? Did anyone ever wonder why a grown man who wasn’t involved with riding BMX would want to spend extended amounts of time on the road alone supervising with a bunch of teenage boys? Anyone?

  3. DayDay says:

    Yes! Sooo much style. He sounds so stoked to go riding. You have to have a hero session or something…maybe make a series or out of it somehow. Great stuff Shad!

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