Tread Magazine Issue 1 & 2 PDF’s.

Tread Magazine // Issue1 Issue2

Thanks to the guys at Props you can now download copies Issue 1 and Issue 2 of Tread Magazine.

I for one am psyched as I was only ever to find a copy of Issue 3 and Issue 4 back when the magazine was out.

This is perfect timing since Joe Doherty just did a podcast with Chris Hallman for his podcast The BMX In Our Blood.

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One Response to Tread Magazine Issue 1 & 2 PDF’s.

  1. Darren Hough says:

    Great stuff. I was 20 when these were out originally. I remember Gregg Overstreet and and pre-Ride magazine Scott McElwaney unboxing a stack of them at their short lived shop in Athens that year. I have #3 somewhere, I think. Such a perfect snapshot of such an incredible, exciting, progressive, fun time in bike riding. I loved re-reading the interviews and articles…it’s funny the things you think and say and how your perspectives change from when you’re 21 vs. 42. Everyone just looks and sounds just so….young. One thing is for certain, and that’s that we were all a lot skinnier back then. 🙂 Thanks for linking these, Shad.

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