Tricked Out Tuesday // 1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team Model

1987 // Dyno // Pro Compe Team

Here’s this weeks Tricked Out Tuesday.

Let us in the comments know if you’ve got any stories or memories of this bike or Dyno.

See more photos of this bike here.

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4 Responses to Tricked Out Tuesday // 1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team Model

  1. Frank Salazar says:

    Nice bike! Does anyone know where I can get a set of the Dyno pro compe team model decals? I have been looking all over and can’t find anything. I found a set of pro compe stickers but I need the team model sticker. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Darren Hough says:

    Seeing this bike is like looking at a yearbook photo. In the summer of 1988, when I was 12, I saved an entire summer and didn’t spent a dime the whole time (to generate the princely sum of $200 or so) to buy a 1988 Dyno Detour in chrome. I had bought a department store “freestyle” bike before that and had learned a few things, but after a year the maintenance on it was ridiculous and I was ready to do just about anything to get a real BMX bike. Many mowed lawns later, and a call to Trend Bike Source (and conversation with Tina and her mom) a Dyno bike box arrived at my house one day after school. To this day it was one of the purchases I am most proud of, and really the first thing I ever really wanted badly and had to sacrifice to get.

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