Tricked Out Tuesday // 1997 King Liberty

1997 //King Liberty // BMX Museum

I always wanted a King back in the day, but it seemed like in the late 90’s they were just as hard to find new as they are to find a used one today.

Did you or anyone you know ride a King?

Check out more photos of the rad bike on BMX Museum

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One Response to Tricked Out Tuesday // 1997 King Liberty

  1. Darren Hough says:

    I had one of their 44T sprockets. It was really nice. I wish I had held onto it, very rare stuff! It really is too bad about King, they had such a good start, great, everything in their line was well thought out, looked great and worked well. It would’ve been cool to see what they could’ve produced had they lasted longer. Remember their prototype flatland frame that Dylan Worsely had?

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