Trove // Burnt Toast // NW Scene Video // 1996

When I was 19 this vid played on loop everyday at my apartment. Sky Stewart made this vid and I believe he lived in Bellingham Wa. at the time. That location made it perfect to capture some amazing riding come out of the Seattle area, His area, & Vancouver BC.
This video along with the Infection series were a staple up here and I think some of the rest of the countries introduction to the NW bmx scene.
Featuring Dave Osato, Dave Thom, Mark ‘Toast’ Johnson, Sky Stewart, Ben Marean, Scott Matual, Dirt Bros Matt, Scott Hagnas, Chris Eiman, Mat Sager, Pat Joubert, Jarek Naslund, Eric Stefano, Josh Thom, Shane Youngren, Greg Axford, Darcy Saccucci, Jason Thom, Kelly Baker, Adam Pope, Jason Enns, & a whole lot more!

ATTENTION- I had to cut one song in this do to copy right but the music starts up again after about a minute!

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