Shad Johnson Tabletop on a NOS Wilkerson Airlines

Hello! Thanks for checking out the site! Things are a little new here so please bare with us while we work out the kinks!

This site is basically me taking how much i am a BMX nerd and multiplying it by ten. There are so many stories out there that i want to know and so many questions I have. There should be a little bit of the old and a little bit of new here. We’re not here trying to show you the latest BMX and cover the news. We want to try and show why people get into BMX and what keeps them riding with no end in sight.

So I hope you all come back and check things out!


Photo courtesy of Jared Souney

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  1. Thank you so much for starting this site! Looking forward to seeing lots of random bmx stories and also anything old school or from the mid era (or whatever it’s called). I really got into bmx in the summer of 93′ so I grew up during the boom period of bmx that carried through the 90s. Looking forward to any stories from that era for sure!

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