Talking about the USA BMX Hall Of Fame

Shad sat down with Scott Towne to Discuss this years USA BMX Hall Of Fame Nominees. We chatted about how riders get nominated, why Jeff Watson is long overdue, and we just try and to bring some attention to the Hall Of Fame and the process behind the nominations.

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“Leigh Ramsdell was here in the Portland area for a USA Bmx contest so i thought he would be a great guy to get back into the swing of things with! We sat down and with help from his longtime friend Ryan Barrett we talked about the 2B Homecooked days, His numerous list of iconic sponsors including his Wilkerson Airlines days all the way into his Eastern days to where he is now as the TM for Mongoose bikes! Leigh still has such a strong love for riding BMX and it really comes through in this. Thanks for sticking with us and it feels good to be back!” – Shad Johnson

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Dean Dickson Bonedeth Machine Bike Check

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Dennis McCoy // AFA Masters // Finals // Compton Ca. // 1986

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Late Night Street Riding // Eugene Oregon // 1995 (BMX)

Going to get back to posting on here frequently. I have been posting a ton on our YouTube! Click the link here to go sift through all the videos on there! We are almost at 1000!

This video is featuring in order John Bristol, Frank Walter, Shad Johnson, & Adam Pope

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BMX At Burnside // By Dean Dickinson // 2010

TEAM SHRALP presents “BMX At Burnside.” In 2010 this segment originally premiered on ESPN’s Action Sports Web Page. Portland locals such as: Shad Johnson, Bruce Crisman, John Bristol, and Rich Hirsch walk you through the roots of BMX at the world famous Burnside Skatepark. Also featuring: Taj Mihelich, Daniel Randall, Andy Merrall, Mike Escamilla, Adam Perez, Chester Blacksmith, Jeremy Davis, Justin Inman, Snotty, and Ben Hucke. “BMX At Burnside” was also included into the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival program and shown all over the world.

Filmed By: Dean Dickinson, Shad Johnson, Rich Hirsch, and Props Visual
Edited By: Dean Dickinson

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Portland AFA Masters // 1988 // Quick Highlights!

I just started going through some contest footage I received from Eben Krakau. He has so much footage from when he was younger due to his Dad filming at all the contests. Thank goodness for that because there is some great stuff here. Im posting up Ron & Josh’s runs from the AFA Masters here in Portland in 1988. Josh won and Ron got second but damn both of them rode well! I also included this gnarly slam from Todd Anderson.I have know idea how he just walked that off! More footage to come!

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Josh Clemens // Goods BMX // Fast & Loose

Josh Clemens, shot in 1 week during May 2021, throughout Oregon.

Filmed and Edited by Jon Humphries.

Thanks to the Van Crew, Corey Walsh, Shad Johnson, Taylor Sieling, and Arro Humphries.

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Mat Sager Anthology

Mat Sager was surely one of the most underrated riders of the 90s. Those who remember watching the Infection video series will know Mat as one of the main riders – super tech on the mini-ramp while also able to go big.

He was my all-time favorite rider to film. In his memory, I edited this anthology of his career. It features some clips you’ll recognize and many that most won’t have seen. There are many tricks in here that few others have ever done, and some that may never have been touched.

Ride in Peace, Mat. Thank you for the great memories.” – Scott Hagnas

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Jay Miron // Evolution // Ten Pack // 2004

Bow down to the all terrain G.O.A.T.

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