4130 West Coast // 1993

I was just digging around Youtube and came across this video.I didnt recognize the name but i did recognize that list of riders.
Here is a quick list.
Day Smith, Edgar Placencia, Sean McKinney, Mike Ocoboc, Nate Hanson, Jason Hughes, Ivan Placencia, Richard Zabxdyr, Jesse Puente; Gabe Weed, Leo Dumlao, John Povah, Andrew Arroyo, Adam, Keith Treanor, Bob Kohl, Chad Harrington, Dennis McCoy, Mat Hoffman, Ron McCoy, John Parker, Dave Mirra, Gary Laurent, Jay Miron, Mike Escamilla, Chris Moeller, John Taylor, Anthony Reyes, Mike Woods, & Mike Tokimoto.
I have deep collection of vids and had never seen this so it was a treat to see some footage in socal from the early 90’s.

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