Bicycle Stunt Contest // Jeff Phillips Skatepark // Full Contest // 1992

I am so excited to post this up! I’m sure like most of you I have always loved the coverage of the first BS contest in Eddie Roman’s “Ride On” video. It was a ground breaking time in BMX and when Scott Hagnas told me he had went to the contest, filmed the whole thing & actually made it into a video that him and his friends could watch back in 92′ I knew I needed to get this online! It starts with Flatland, moves into this mini-ramp contest and then onto vert! So many legends in this video and so many different angles of iconic tricks you remember from ‘Ride On”. My favorite is when Psycho destroys that random dudes video camera & clips of Voelker riding the mini ramp!

Big thanks to Scott Hagnas for making this back in the day and getting it in my hands so I can share it with all of you!

Some of the riders featured are Chase Gouin, Steve Roy, Jesse Puente, Jason Brown, Bill Nitchke, Dennis Mccoy, Eben Krakau, Kevin Gutierrez, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Bob kohl, Matt Hoffman, Dave Brumlow, & Jason Davies.

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