Bike Check // Dave Nourie // Haro Freestyler 30th Anniversary

Dave was recently in Portland for a weekend and I met up with him one morning to talk about bikes, traveling, and his love for shows. Dave may ride more than most people half his age and I think its awesome that he is using one of the Haro 30th anniversary Freestyler frames as his main rider and not keeping it as a carpet queen.

I see your riding a 30th anniversary Haro freestyler. This is still a 1″ frame. Why did you decide to go this route instead of a newer frame?
I love the classic nostalgic design. It always seems to turn heads and enjoy hearing all the crazy stories when I am on the road. There is always someone with a Haro, Torker or some type of classic Freestyle story. I was sessioning here in Ashland and this guy in his early 40’s ask me if I had ever heard of the Gumby, I played off as if I didn’t know exactly what it was. He proceed to describe what I know as the Nourie Stand. I can’t imaging ever not riding this frame. I will keep it always for the old school shows.

Can you tell me about any special mods you have on this bike?
I am running my same handlebar, fork and stem from back in the early 90’s. The main two mods I did was 990 plates, with zip ties our rear to help the flexing and the Odyssey Pozi Stop seat clamp. I do use the built in coaster brake plate.

What was the favorite bike you ever had and why?
1985 Haro Master – The geometry was perfect for my style. The flashy Neon Green stood out. There is talk at Haro that in the future they are going to reissue that frame.

How does this one stack up to that?
This Freestyler is a close second. The only thing I had to get used to was the head tube angle. This bike is a little more raked. I do appreciate a good chrome frame because they look good for a long time.

Tell me about the liking biking tour your doing this summer?
I feel extremely fortunate to have my life set up now that Paula and I have our summers off to travel and explore the world. This year I realized, I have been riding for 43 years and loving every minute of it. I was five when I got my first bike, some kind of Sears special, the first day on it, I rode down some stairs and broke it in two. I haven’t really slowed down since, but I am not doing as many shows these days and performing is what I enjoy the most. I have my health, the time and a few tricks up my sleeves still. So I decided to hit the road and do a tour of “43 Years of Liking Biking”. I will mainly focus on Oregon, show up at any random events or happenings and and bust out and ride, tell the Nourie Story for those who are interested, maybe pass a hat and have lots of fun. My passion has always been to enliven enthusiasm with riders of all ages and help support good old fashion fun on two wheels. Giving back what I have and supporting A Couch Free Society.

For updates and show details follow Dave Nourie on: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Age: 48
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Sponsors/Hook-ups: Haro, Vans, Deco, Standard, Odyssey and Dirt Bros
Frame: 30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler
Fork: Kore from 93’ish
Bars: Standard
Stem: Diamondback
Grips: ODI Mushrooms
Bar Ends: ODI
Headset: No idea but it’s older then dirt
Seat: Primo
Cranks: Redline
Pedals: Odyssey
Sprocket: Dirt Bros
Chain: BMX Red with half link
Tires: Redline Freaky X
Front Wheel: Odyssey Lite Hazard
Rear Hub: Coaster – not sure of the make
Rear Rim: Odyssey Lite Hazard
Rear Hub Guard: N/A Only grind my seat on this ride
Pegs: Deco WuPeg
Brakes: DiaComp 990’s
Levers: DiaComp Tech 77 with locks

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